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United States to take four steps to track the origin of COVID 19

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday urged the United States to take four steps to track the origin of COVID19 if it wants to show transparency, including disclosing data on the first COVID19 case, and inviting the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina. As China and the international community increasingly call for investigations into the origin of COVID19 in the United States, and become more and more angry with the political manipulation of the Biden administration that severely hinders its development, data on sick soldiers participating in the Wuhan Military Games was released to track the virus Global mission. .

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian made recommendations to Washington at a press conference on Friday. He said that in order to shirk its responsibility for the failure of responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the United States realized its political purpose of slandering other countries, politicized the epidemic, stigmatized the virus, used traceability as a tool, and lied. .. Use slander and coercion as a means without showing respect for science and justice.
“You can’t whitewash yourself by slandering others. If the United States really wants transparency and accountability, start with all four,” Zhao said.

Zhao’s proposal was made on Friday because an online petition urging the WHO to investigate Fort Detrick’s laboratory received more than 20 million signatures in the early hours of Saturday morning.
A group of Chinese netizens drafted the petition and ordered the Global Times to publish the petition on WeChat and Weibo on July 17 to solicit public responses. This week, the petition also opened up channels for foreign participants.

Before Zhao Xiangmei made four proposals, several US senators proposed three steps to allow the United States to use this issue as a weapon for the political purpose of containing China.
Several US senators, including Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez, wrote to President Joe Biden on Wednesday, asking the government to take three steps on the origin of COVID19, instructing the intelligence community to continue investigations, and Allies and partners collaborated to “use all available resources and tools.” to pressure Beijing to allow investigations in China and complete a comprehensive review of existing and former US government support or funding for research cooperation with China. Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations at the

China University of Foreign Affairs, told the Global Times that the US senator’s three-step walk clearly reflects the US manipulation of the origin of the virus to discredit China’s achievements in control of epidemics and the fight against the epidemic. -epidemic. China’s international status and image ensure that China’s rapid development will not affect America’s global leadership in the post-epidemic era.
However, no matter how the United States manipulates the problem and blames China, it cannot hide the fact that the United States is the biggest loser in response to the epidemic, Li said.
Zhao urged the US to disclose data on early cases, including unexplained respiratory illnesses in Virginia, lung illnesses related to e-cigarettes in Wisconsin in July 2019, and flu patients in the winter of 2019.
US You should perform nucleic acid and serum antibody tests on samples from these patients to understand how many of them are actually COVID19 patients, “Zhao said.

At the time, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. Diseases (Robert Redfield) In early 2020, the House Oversight Committee team was informed on the COVID19 response that some cases may have been misdiagnosed as the flu and were actually infected with the coronavirus. 4,444 According to media reports, as early as July 2019, the United States reported lung disease or EVALI related to e-cigarettes. In the same month, the United States CDC issued a “disqualification order” to stop most of the Fort Detrick investigation.

Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist at Wuhan University, has repeatedly expressed concern about the 2019 influenza epidemic in the United States and the outbreak of lung diseases related to e-cigarettes since 2020. Long-term storage of samples for scientific research , which is why he believes that the US Department of Health has preserved many samples during the flu epidemic.
Because EVALI and COVID19 have similar symptoms, and there is no nucleic acid test kit available, it is likely that some COVID19 patients will be misdiagnosed as EVALI patients in 2019, Yang said.
The United States should conduct antibody tests on blood samples from EVALI patients to determine how many of them are actually COVID19 patients and share the data with scientists around the world to help the world get closer to the origin of COVID19, Yang said. . pointing out that “that” is a very easy job.
The chronology of the first cases in the United States continues to advance. A study of more than 24,000 samples collected for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research project between January 2 and March 18, 2020, shows that 7 people in five states may be before the first illness in the country I was infected with COVID19 for at least one month.

Yang believes that the COVID19 issue has been deeply politicized by the United States and used it as a weapon to attack China.The United States is not unable to conduct these tests because of technical problems, but they are unwilling to tell the world or their private political interests,” Yang said.
Many people from Wuhan who were accused of being responsible for the epidemic along with Wuhan strongly expressed their hatred for Western slander and firmly believed that Wuhan was the victim and that the virus was brought from abroad. nation.
Zhao also urged the U.S. to publish data on sick soldiers participating in the 2019 Wuhan World Military Games.
The United States sent 300 people to Wuhan. Have you found symptoms similar to COVID19? Zhao said the United States should make these cases public.
According to the China Joint Report issued by the World Health Organization on March 30, during the Military Games, four African contestants were diagnosed with malaria and received treatment, and one American citizen suffered from gastroenteritis.

A review of the incident showed that there were no obvious signs of fever or severe respiratory illness requiring hospitalization, but the WHO recommended further review of respiratory illness data from clinics on the scene of military games.A Chinese scientist who requested anonymity previously stated that, judging by the symptoms of malaria and gastroenteritis diagnosed by the five foreign athletes, the two diseases have symptoms common with COVID19. The possibility of co-infection with malaria and COVID19 or gastroenteritis and COVID19 cannot be ruled out. Laboratory , University Research

In September 2019, in Maryland, where the Fort Detrick Laboratory is located, cases of lung diseases related to e-cigarettes doubled, which increased the suspicion of the laboratory. The laboratory stores the deadliest and most infectious viruses in the world, including Ebola and smallpox. , SARS, MERS and the new coronavirus.
On the other hand, the United States should invite WHO experts to the University of North Carolina to investigate, Zhao said. The United States has been discrediting the Wuhan Institute of Virology, claiming that it created COVID19 through research on the coronavirus. Zhao said that in fact, the United States is the largest funder and implementer of coronavirus research, especially Ralph Barrick’s team at the University of North Carolina.”With the investigation of Baric’s team and his laboratory, it will become clear whether coronavirus new coronaviruses,

The United States has always pressured the scientific community to support the leakage of theories from the Wuhan laboratory, use threats to deliberately distort the views of scientists, and threaten many open scientists with abuse and personal injury. Zhao called it “tracing terrorism.”
Despite the threat from the United States, more rational voices have recently appeared in the scientific community criticizing their attitude towards tracking the origin of COVID19.
21 Chinese scientists and a British scholar working in China published an article this month clearly explaining why the new coronavirus can only come from nature and cannot be created by humans.
Nine Chinese scientists published an article on Friday, claiming that there are multiple potential locations for the natural storage of the new coronavirus. Wuhan, where the COVID19 outbreak was first reported in China, may be far away from the source of the epidemic. Origin.. Before the pandemic, it was affected by the new coronavirus imported from cold chain goods from other parts of the world.

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