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UK Property Investment: Is Buy to Let Still Worth It in 2023?

With the current boom in the property market, it comes as no surprise that many individuals are looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by property investment.

But how and where does one get started?

While there are various routes into property investment, one of the most popular and highly regarded strategies is investing in buy-to-let properties. This approach involves purchasing a property with the intention of renting it out to tenants.

In theory, it offers the potential to sit back and collect a consistent and reliable income stream through rental payments.

But what are the benefits of buying to let property, and is it still a good investment in 2023?

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Passive Income Potential

If you’re seeking passive income, buy-to-let is an attractive option.

One of the key reasons behind its popularity is its ability to generate passive income, as both monthly rental returns and capital appreciation (the increase in property value over time) can provide investors with lucrative long-term returns.

By enlisting the services of a property management company, which can handle most landlord responsibilities, investors can enjoy a relatively hassle-free venture.

With substantial increases in both house prices and demand over the past year, property values have experienced significant growth, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

In the UK, for instance, the property market is performing well, with house prices in the North West expected to rise by as high as 11.7% % by 2027. Rental costs are also on the rise due to increasing demand for rental properties.

In 2022, it took an average of just 8.9 days for landlords to rent out a property, compared to 31.9 days in 2019. This demonstrates the impressive potential of the buy-to-let market.

Easy Entry Point

Another advantage of buy-to-let is its simplicity when starting out.

Working with a property investment company can make the process incredibly easy. These professionals can help investors find the right opportunities, secure solicitors, and overcome any hurdles that may arise throughout the process.

Property investment may not always appear to be the most affordable venture, as not all investors have the full cash amount to secure a property upfront.

However, payment plans are available to spread out the costs, making it accessible to a broader range of investors. For those seeking a relatively stress-free experience, working with professionals is a viable option.

Optimal Timing

Now is the best time to explore the potential of buy-to-let.

Capital appreciation is a significant advantage of this investment strategy and one of the most exciting aspects of property investment as a whole. By patiently renting out a property for several decades, investors can later sell it at a considerable profit.

Despite some concerns in the latter half of 2022 – specifically the economic and political uncertainty – leading to many experts predicting a drop in house prices, there shouldn’t be any major cause for concern.

Yes, it is unlikely that prices will see the massive growth experienced in 2021/22. In fact, they most likely will see a small drop in 2023.

However, this is not exactly the end of the world.

Think of it like a reset button, in which investors can jump aboard the property train before it picks up speed again and prices increase.

As of March this year, the average home value was approximately £285,009, reflecting a 4.1% rise compared to the year previously. Whilst this doesn’t exactly mirror the massive increases seen in 2021, considering the economic challenges faced in the previous year, such growth is still decent.

It’s important to note that Savills’ forecast also predicts that house prices will rise overall in the UK by 6.2% by 2027. So, if you see house prices dip in 2023 – don’t panic and consider it to be a permanent change.

The Importance of Research

Ultimately, whether buy-to-let is a good investment depends on thorough research and staying up-to-date with market trends.

It is essential to study the local area, listen to experts, and consider consulting with property investment professionals.

Without a solid understanding of the market, an investment is unlikely to yield desirable results. However, with diligent research and a well-informed approach, buy-to-let can be a profitable and rewarding investment opportunity.

In conclusion, with the market remaining stable and property prices expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future, buy-to-let presents an attractive investment option.

Its potential for passive income, capital appreciation, and ease of entry makes it a compelling choice for investors.

By entering the market now, individuals may position themselves for long-term financial success.

However, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice to maximize the potential of buy-to-let investment.

The property market is full of opportunities, and with the right amount of knowledge and strategy, investors can embark on a prosperous and rewarding investment journey.


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