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Tlou Tess Death: How Did Tess Die?

The Last of Us is an action-adventure game that came out in 2013. The show has been on for a long time, and it has thousands of fans.

People have been traumatized by the fact that Tess died in The Last of Us. This is the second death of a sad character in a week.

Find out how Tess died on the show and why she died in this article, which may contain spoilers for The Last of Us Episode 2. Everything you need to know about episode 2 will be in this article.

Tlou Tess Death

The Last Of Us Episode 2’s First Scene:

The three friends, Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Anna Torv, go into a dangerous museum. As soon as they walk into the museum, they see two Clickers.

The three of them fight together. They sneak up on their enemies, use the same gun, and work together to get both Clickers out.

They were happy to get rid of them, but one of the Clickers bit Ellie, but she was not the one who did it because she has immunity. One of them also bit Tess, giving her an infection.

Tlou Tess Death

Then she told her partner to leave her alone and go help the child. She was left alone, and a huge explosion happened, making it hard for her to stay alive. She might have died in that place where there was a huge explosion.

Still, a lot of people think Tess will come back, but nobody knows for sure. Everyone hopes that Tess will show up in the next episode.

How Did Tlou Tess Die?

In the video game The Last of Us, Anna Torv plays the role of Tess. In episode 2, Tess’s body was found.

Ellie was the one who said she was bitten in the museum by a Clicker when she was fighting them, but she was able to stay alive because she was immune.

But Tess was also infected, and she didn’t have much time left to live. And when she turned into a superhero, she knocked over gas drums and talked to Joel in the short time she had.

The horde was coming, so Tess asked her friend to take the child with her and her friends, since she had been infected before.

Joel didn’t want to leave her friend in that condition, but Tess talked her into it by saying, “I’ve never asked you for anything, but please don’t feel the way I did.”

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“Now is your time. Help her get there. You keep her alive. And you made up for all the mistakes we made. Please say yes, Joel. Please.”

Joel then left her there with Ellie. Tess was in the corner struggling to light the lighter. One of the Runners saw her and forced its fungus-covered tongue down her throat, but Tess’ lighter finally worked and she was able to Fire the runners.

The episode “Infected” ends with a huge explosion that wipes out the horde and the salty smuggler. This also kills Tess, so that was the end of season two.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Tess Die in the Last of Us Game?

Tess is bitten. She decides to suicide by a zombie to buy Joel and Ellie more time. One thing to keep in mind. Tess’s reaction to the bite and her insistence that Joel see the difference between her reaction and Ellie’s help convince Joel that Ellie is the real deal.

How Does Tess Die?

Tess, on the other hand, is glad that the end has come and is happy to go with the police. In the last chapter, Angel and Liza Lu go to Wintoncester together to make sure that Tess’s death-by-hanging sentence is carried out.

Does Tess Die in Episode 2?

But it also means that when Tess kills herself to protect them, it shakes her more than it does Joel. He is obviously sad about the loss, but he has done this so often that he can quickly get moving again before any of the zombies who are still alive notice them.

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