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What is Raul Garcia Alvarez Cause Of Death? Was He Married?

Raul Garcia Alvarez Cause Of Death: We will provide you with information about Raul Garcia Alvare’s Family, wife, and cause of death in this article. Let’s get started.

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Raul Garcia Alvarez Cause Of Death

After a teen riding accident left Raul Garcia Alvarez in a coma, he never regained consciousness. The mishap happened not long after he had joined the professional cycling team, Venta Magullo-B Melero. At the time, Alvarez was only 17 years old.

Raul Garcia Alvarez Cause Of Death

“We were with him until the last minute, and it has been terrible, but he rests in peace,” his brother told the Valladolid-based newspaper El Norte de Castilla. The physicians were surprised by how long he’s lived. My mother has been keeping a close eye on him around the clock, therefore I attribute his extended life to her attention.

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Was He Married?

Garcia Raul never tied the knot. When the tragic event happened when he was a teenager, he went into a deep sleep from which he has not awakened for well over two decades.

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Garcia Raul Family

There is no information available regarding Raul Garcia Alvarez’s parents and siblings.


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