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TikToker Tests a Free T-Shirt Hack at Disney World While Wearing a Bikini Top, and Everything Goes Horribly


TikToker decided to wear a bikini top when she was at Disney World in order to test the “hacking” of a virus-free T-shirt, but this decision ended up having extremely negative repercussions for her.

After trying out a viral “hack” from TikTok that promises that if you wear a “inappropriate” top to Disney World in Florida, the theme park will give you a free shirt, content creator Heleni went viral. The “hack” suggests that the park will give you a free shirt if you wear a “inappropriate” top.

Heleni videotaped herself in a parking lot while taking off her cropped tank top to reveal a little black bikini with triangular cups underneath. The video has received an astounding 8.6 million views since it was posted online.

“Trying to hack TikTok to get a free shirt at Disney World Orlando,” she wrote under the video.

After that, Heleni made her way towards the entrance, but before she could get there, she was stopped by a member of the park personnel.

She had thought that they would give her a free T-shirt, but instead, she was “forced” to buy a shirt so that she could cover up before entering the amusement park. A dissatisfied TikToker expressed their frustration by saying that the hack had been “exposed.”

“clothing that by its nature exposes excessive portions of skin may be regarded unsuitable for a family atmosphere,” it says in the frequently asked questions section of the Disney Parks website regarding what to wear to the theme park.

An employee of Disney has revealed in the comments that the theme parks have ceased giving away free T-shirts as a result of the large number of people who purposefully dressed up to collect them.

“Everyone from the show is here. It is no longer functioning properly. They wrote that it had reached an unsustainable level of popularity on the internet, and that everyone was partaking in it.

“They used to give one for free, but then everyone found out about TikTok and exploited the system, so they require you to buy one now,” another viewer added. “TikTok is a social media app that allows users to record themselves dancing, singing, and playing games.”

However, some people have stated that Heleni did not carry out the “hacking” in the correct manner.

One of them wrote, “How about going to the park first,” suggesting that they do so. Someone else offered the comment, “You made it far too obvious.”

Someone person gave the recommendation, “You ought to be inside the park rather than outside.”

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