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These 5 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts Say: “I Love Laughing With You”

We know that love and laughter make for a happy ending. So, to keep the spark alive, we’ve put together a list of our favorite funny Valentine’s Day gifts. From funny gag gifts for your new crush to cheeky gifts for your long-term spouse, these silly V-Day gifts will help you celebrate Cupid’s big day with your own sense of humor.

A quick note before we go on: make sure that the person you’re giving the gift to will find it as funny as you do. And if you’re worried, give your partner a romantic Valentine’s Day gift along with the joke, so they get the best of both worlds.

We’ve found Valentine’s Day gifts that are just the right amount of silly and cute for you. Just keep scrolling!

Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron

This cute mini waffle maker in the shape of a heart would make a great Valentine’s Day date idea and gift. After your partner opens it, you can make them breakfast in bed with it. You can also use the iron to make hash browns in the shape of a heart. What a way to start Valentine’s Day!

“Punny” Couple Coffee Mugs

A hot cup of coffee is a must for breakfast, and this set of two coffee mugs for a couple will make it even better. One says, “Don’t go bacon my heart,” and the other, “I couldn’t if I fried.” What a fun Valentine’s Day gift for the person who always makes you laugh.

Matching Underwear

Get your Valentine a pair of patterned underwear, and then surprise them by giving yourself a pair that matches. And if you want to keep it going, buy a membership so you can both get a new pair of matching underwear every month.
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Couple’s Split Blanket & Sheet Set

Is your partner known to steal blankets? Then this funny Valentine’s Day gift will be both funny and useful for him, her, or them. It’s a big sheet and blanket set that’s been cut in half, so people who like to move around a lot in bed can do so without disturbing the other person. Talk about relief and a good laugh for everyone.

Handholding Mittens

Most of the country is still in winter in February, so make sure you have these warm mittens for a Valentine’s Day walk with your sweetheart. You’ll have to share, though. This unique set comes with two gloves and one large mitten, so you can hold hands with your partner without your fingers getting cold. So smart!

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