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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Prank Ideas For Your Partner!

Valentine’s Day Prank Ideas: The stress of Valentine’s Day might cause many couples to opt out of celebrating the celebration of love. Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to men in 2013 to give their wives or girlfriends something awful for Valentine’s Day (as if men needed an excuse!).

Videos featuring insects in chocolate rings on fake amputated fingers, and kidney stone engagement rings saturated YouTube. Many of the practical jokes were so revolting or upsetting that I thought, “Surely we can do better!”

Therefore, on Sunday, February 14, let’s fight fire with fire. Let’s give them what they want! This is no longer Valentine’s Day; it is now Prankentine’s Day, and we will dish out some sizzling hot revenge.

Check out the list of simple tactics below, and you’ll have Cupid in fits of laughter. Just don’t trick your partner too severely… Please do not hold me accountable for any breakups.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Prank Ideas For Your Partner

The Romantic Sloppy Kiss

Next time you are cuddling with your sweetheart and the atmosphere is becoming romantic, give them a passionate kiss. When your partner shuts their eyes, give them a large lick all over their face.

The Breakfast Disaster

Volunteer to prepare a “special” breakfast for Valentine’s Day. Prepare a typical bowl of cereal for your significant other, along with milk and a spoon, and place it in the freezer the night before.

Valentine's Day Prank Ideas

Mix a packet of the cheese mix from boxed macaroni and cheese with water, then stir or blend the mixture to make “fresh squeezed orange juice.”

Serve cereal and orange juice to your infant in bed. The expression on their face when they take a taste will be priceless, but they may never trust you in the kitchen again.

The Unexciting Striptease

A sensual striptease might get your spouse in the mood. Play some soft music with MANY layers. I’m referring to multiple layers.

A couple of spandex jumpsuits below are also acceptable. The strip tease will last so long that your significant other will likely fall asleep before its conclusion.

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My Screamy Valentine

A recordable Valentine’s Day card is all that’s required for this simple and straightforward trick. Instead of recording a pleasant message, scream into the microphone. When your significant other opens their Valentine, your screams will fill the air and their heart.

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Chocolate Syrup And Heavy Cream

If you want to spice things up in bed, consider spicing up your typical chocolate and whipped cream. If you covertly empty all the cans of whipped cream before getting down to business, it will be quite frustrating.

And when your friend reaches for chocolate syrup, substitute the liquid with non-toxic fake blood to create a terrifying syrup surprise.

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