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The Untold Story of Paul Sr. Post-American Chopper!


In our article, we explore what happened to Paul Teutul Sr., the iconic figure from “American Chopper.” Known for his larger-than-life personality and exceptional custom motorcycles, Paul Sr. became a household name through the reality TV show. After the show’s conclusion, Paul Sr. faced several challenges, including legal and financial issues.

He declared bankruptcy in 2018 and sold his famous Orange County Choppers headquarters. Despite these setbacks, Paul Sr. remains active in the custom bike industry. He continues to build motorcycles and connect with fans through social media and various business ventures. Discover the full story of Paul Sr.’s journey and how he’s navigating life post-“American Chopper” in our detailed article.

American Chopper: What Happened To Paul Sr.?

Paul Teutul Sr. continued running Orange County Choppers with his business partner, Thomas Derbyshire. However, in 2017, Thomas sued Paul Sr., alleging misuse of investments for personal purposes. As a result, Paul Sr. filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

Subsequently, he relocated OCC to Florida and opened the OCC Roadhouse and Museum in Clearwater. This complex features a concert venue, restaurant, and museum, creating a comprehensive entertainment experience.

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In 2018, the OCC Roadhouse became entangled in controversy when the Miami Herald reported that foreign investors were conned out of millions through several Ponzi schemes. Additionally, the Orange County Clerk’s office issued a $22,000 warrant for Paul Sr. due to unpaid taxes for his Orange County Choppers Cafe in Newburgh, N.Y.

Despite these challenges, Paul Sr.’s family life has seen some improvement since the “American Chopper” series. However, his personal life has faced significant turmoil, particularly the legal battle with his son, Paul Jr.

This conflict strained their professional relationship and threatened the show’s future. Eventually, the court ruled in favor of Paul Jr., preventing his father from forcing a buyout and determining a fair price instead. As Paul Jr. described it, “There was a lawsuit and it was ugly,” highlighting the intense nature of their dispute.

Paul Teutul Sr. Returns to TV with New Project “Outlaw TV”

Fortunately, Paul Teutul Sr.’s television career continues. He is teaming up with West Coast Choppers host Jesse James and Monster Garage star Billy Lane to launch a new online streaming network called Outlaw TV. Emmy-winning producer David McKillop will serve as the network’s president. McKillop expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m passionate about Outlaw TV. I want it to be the culmination of my career.”

Jesse James spoke highly of his collaborators, saying, “These are no-nonsense guys who’ve seen success, still do, but have paid their dues along the way. I work with people who work with their hands — I’ve championed that for 25 years.”

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Paul’s new show, Senior Living, is set to be part of the network’s lineup. This show will likely chronicle his nearly-retired life in Florida, offering fans a glimpse into his daily activities and continued passion for custom motorcycles. The collaboration promises exciting new content for fans of motorcycle culture and craftsmanship.


In conclusion, Paul Teutul Sr.’s journey has been marked by both triumphs and challenges. From the heights of “American Chopper” fame to the lows of legal and financial troubles, Paul Sr. has remained a resilient and passionate figure in the custom motorcycle world.

His new venture with Jesse James and Billy Lane on Outlaw TV offers a promising new chapter, allowing fans to continue following his adventures. With the launch of his show, Senior Living, viewers can look forward to an intimate look at his life in Florida. Paul Sr.’s enduring spirit and commitment to his craft ensure that he remains a significant and influential presence in the industry.

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