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Why “The Boys” Will Conclude After Season 5!


Showrunner Eric Kripke recently announced on social media that “The Boys” will conclude with its fifth season. Kripke shared that the decision to end the series was driven by a desire to maintain its high quality and ensure a satisfying conclusion for the fans.

He emphasized that stretching the story beyond its natural endpoint could compromise its integrity. Kripke and the creative team want to go out on a high note, delivering a finale that honors the show’s bold, irreverent spirit. While fans might be disappointed, Kripke reassured them that the final season would be packed with the same intense, unpredictable storytelling that made “The Boys” a hit.

The Real Reason The Boys Is Ending With Season 5

It turns out that the fourth season of “The Boys” has been intentionally scripted to feel like the show’s overall narrative is nearing its conclusion. Showrunner Eric Kripke explained, “That was part of my argument: No one can watch this season without feeling at the end like, ‘It’s ending next year, right?’

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So we might as well announce it so people can watch it with that cool epic heading-toward-the-end feeling, which is what I’m hoping for.” However, this doesn’t mean the universe of “The Boys” will come to a complete stop. “Gen V,” a thrilling story about college-aged supes at a university, continues and was renewed for a second season in October.

Additionally, another spin-off set in Mexico is in development. “This story of ‘The Boys’ will not continue on,” Kripke said. “With any luck, ‘Gen V’ will continue, and there are a couple of other projects in development that we’re talking about, but ‘The Boys’ story ends in season 5.”

Why “The Boys” Ends with Season 5?

Fans can definitely expect the series to go out with a bang. Whether this is good news or bad for our gray-hatted heroes and villains remains to be seen. They’ll discover what to expect from Season 5 when Season 4 of “The Boys” arrives on Prime Video on June 13.

According to Eric Kripke, the decision to conclude “The Boys” with its fifth season stems from a screenwriting principle. “Part of it is such a wonky, stupid screenwriter thing, but three and five are the big magical numbers for writing,” he explained. “Three is for movie acts, TV acts are five. Jokes run in threes or fives. Five just seems like a good round number. It’s enough to tell the story but also bring it to a climax without wearing out its welcome.”

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Kripke revealed that Season 4 of “The Boys” holds something very special that makes it unique. He believes that ending the series at five seasons ensures a satisfying narrative arc, providing fans with a memorable and impactful conclusion. The anticipation for Season 4 is high as it sets the stage for an epic final season, promising to leave a lasting legacy.


In conclusion, Eric Kripke’s decision to end “The Boys” with its fifth season reflects a strategic approach to storytelling. By adhering to the screenwriting principle that emphasizes the magic of numbers three and five, Kripke aims to deliver a satisfying and impactful conclusion.

Season 4 is set to be unique, laying the groundwork for an epic final season that promises not to overstay its welcome. While fans may be sad to see the series end, they can look forward to a climactic and memorable conclusion. As the universe of “The Boys” continues with spin-offs like “Gen V,” the legacy of the original show will undoubtedly endure, leaving a lasting mark on its audience.

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