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When Will The Tourist Season 3 Come Out? Will There Be New Characters In The Show?

Hey everyone! We’re going to have a wild time with Season 3 of The Tourist. Anyone who talks about shows will tell you about this one. This thrilling drama-thriller is a big hit all over the world. The exciting adventures you’re about to go on will blow your mind!

In the UK, The Tourist played on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on January 1, 2022. Then it went to Stan in Australia, and on March 3, it crossed the seas to HBO Max in the US.

What a huge hit around the world! Also, do you know what? Thanks to All3Media for making sure that people all over the world can watch this show.

Let’s move on. In the UK, the second season of The Tourist began on January 1, 2024, on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Also, our friend Jamie Dornan is back as Elliot after Season 1 blew our minds.

What gets fans even more excited, though? You got it—Season 3 could be coming soon! Let’s hope that The Tourist does it again.

What’s going on with season three? You can find out when the show might come out, see a sneak peek of the story, try to guess what will happen, meet the amazing cast, and learn everything you need to know about it by coming back soon. We promise you won’t want to miss it!

When Will Season 3 Of The Tourist Come Out?

Hold on to your hats, people! Everyone is excited for Season 3 of The Tourist, but the BBC hasn’t signed off on it yet. But don’t worry. The shocking ending of Season 2 gave us hope that Jack and Harry Williams, the smart people who made it, have more great ideas in store.

The Tourist Season 3 Release Date

The fun part now comes. If there is a third season of The Tourist, it could come out in January 2026. It was the same between good shows in the third season as it was in the first two. Please keep an eye out for any news about the big comeback. We’ll let you know first!

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What We Think Will Happen In Season 3 Of The Tourist

We don’t know much about Season 3’s plot yet, but keep in mind that the people and stories of Seasons 1 and 2 were very different.

Through Season 1, Elliot tried to figure out who he was. He and Helen, a police officer, learned more about his past in Season 2 and got involved in a fight between Irish families.

Season 3 has a lot of choices. He might be on a different task to find more information in a different place, or he might be trying to change the way he acts in his own town.

What makes The Tourist so great is that you can’t be sure what will happen next. Get ready for more exciting shocks.

Cast Of Season 3 Of “The Tourist”

If Jamie Dornan didn’t come back as Eugene Cassidy, The Tourist wouldn’t be the same. The show has to go on without him. Also, Danielle Macdonald, who plays Helen Chambers, Eugene’s girlfriend, is expected to come back for Season 3.

Season 2 added a lot of new characters, such as Mark McKenna as Eugene’s son Fergel, and Olwen Fouéré as his mother. We’d like to see more of the actors who play Ethan Krum, Helen’s ex-boyfriend, which is Greg Larsen.

He made the second season more interesting, even though we didn’t like him in the first.

Here is a list of the people who play roles in the TV show The Tourist.



Jamie Dornan The Man/Elliot Stanley
Victoria Haralabidou Lena Pascal
Danielle Macdonald Probationary Constable Helen Chambers
Shalom Brune-Franklin Luci Miller
Francis Magee Frank McDonnell
Greg Larsen Ethan Krum
Conor MacNeill Detective Ruairi Slater
Olwen Fouéré Niamh Cassidy

Where Can We Watch Season 3 Of The Tourist?

As soon as there is news about Season 3 of The Tourist, you can watch it on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK, as well as on a number of channels around the world.

The Tourist Season 3 Release Date

People in the US can now watch the show because Netflix picked it up, which means more people can watch it.

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Season 3 of The Tourist, a popular drama-thriller, is set to premiere in January 2026. The show, which premiered on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, Stan in Australia, and HBO Max in the US, follows the story of Elliot, who is trying to figure out his identity and tries to change his behavior. The BBC has not yet signed off on the third season, but fans can expect more exciting surprises.

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