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30 Coins Season 3 Release Date: What New Will Come With The Season 3?

People really liked the first two seasons of the mystery-suspense show 30 Coins. We all know that 3, though, is the magic number, and all eyes are on Season 3.

The first episode of the show aired on HBO Euro on November 19, 2020. The second season began on October 23, 2023. There has been a long break between seasons, so we can only assume that the third season if it’s been updated, will come out soon.

With what we know about Season 3 of “30 Coins” (plot, release date, streaming choices, and spoilers), we’ve put it all here.

When Will Season 3 Of 30 Coins Come Out?

As of this writing, there has been no public word about the third season of the TV show. Don’t get too excited, though, because the second season is still very early on. All the necessary data is still being gathered and studied before adding more episodes is approved.

It’s important to note that there were three years between the first and second seasons. The COVID-19 virus could have slowed down shooting for the next season, but it’s more likely that the show was put on hold for that long.

Some sources say that the terms of the agreement for actor Paul Giamatti, who played Christian Barbow in the next season, took longer than expected to be worked out.

30 Coins Season 3 Release Date

Because there are so many things to deal with, we think that if there is another run, it will be much faster than Season 2. Since Season 2 of 30 Coins came out in October, we might hear something about Season 3 in 2024.

What Do You Think Will Happen In Season 3? What Are Some Possible Spoilers?

Horror shows have become more popular than ever on TV, with hits like “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “From” showing that people really want horror stories.

When you look at this pattern, “30 Coins” comes out as a different horror show. It makes you think of a darker, more adult version of the Buffy-style shows.

It shows a sophisticated approach to adult horror that the show can both shock and charm. If the TV show can keep readers’ imaginations alive and keep up good viewership numbers, there might be an exciting third season coming soon.

The story could lead to more horror stories inspired by Lovecraft in the future, which shows that there is a lot of material to explore.

We might stay true to our guesses about what will happen in the story because our favorite Ghost Hunter Padre will be back with more exciting adventures.

Because “30 Coins” is so popular, it could lead to more elaborate horror stories, since fans can’t wait for the next part of this otherworldly tale.

Thoughts of going deeper into the depths of Thrilling horror narrative sound like an exciting journey that will push the limits of horror television and give viewers a fascinating and unsettling watching experience.

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Who Will Be In Season 3 Of 30 Coins?

Here is the list of cast members: 

Cast Character
Eduard Fernández Padre Vergara
Megan Montaner Elena
Miguel Ángel Silvestre Paco
Macarena Gómez Merche
Pepón Nieto Sargento Laguna
Manolo Solo Cardenal Santoro
Cosimo Fusco Angelo
Manuel Tallafé Enrique

Where Did Season 2 Of 30 Coins Leave Off?

In season 2 of 30 Coins, the people of Pedraza are locked up in a medical center because supernatural threats are getting worse. The main characters have to deal with a scary new enemy—a bad force that is so strong that even the devil is afraid of it.

Even more horrible things are going to be shown in 30 Coins season 2 episode 6. Our heroes are still on their dangerous journey.

30 Coins Season 3 Release Date

Episode 6 of 30 Coins Season 2 is almost here, and fans can’t wait for it to air on November 27. It will have some exciting plot changes. In the next episode, which will air on HBO Max, the mysteries surrounding Barbrow’s (Paul Giamatti) dangerous plan will be solved.

Lex Angulo plays Merche, who has an unexpected meeting in Highclaire Forum that makes the story more tense. While this is going on, Paco and Elena (Miguel Angel Silvestre and Megan Montaner) find something very upsetting.

This makes Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández) get into a fight with an old enemy.


Where Can We Watch The Show?

As the anxiety builds, 30 Coins season 2 episode 6 promises to be an interesting continuation of the exciting story. The most current episode can be seen on HBO Max.

There is an alternative called Amazon Prime for fans who want to watch online. Because the show is so famous, it’s possible that you can find it on unofficial websites. However, we don’t support piracy.

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