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The Sims 4: Wants and Fears, Explained!

The Sims 4 Fear: Wants and Fears change The Sims 4. Your Sim may have a terrifying phobia of flames following a house fire or of being cheated on after playing at WooHoo with their lover. Longtime Sims 4 players may remember Whims, mini-wants. Whims are gone, and you’ll get an extra Want after gaining one of several phobias. The Wants and Fears system is explained here.

Published August 30, 2023, by Jacqueline Zalace: If you ignore your Sim’s Wants and Fears, things can get out of hand. We added more information about handling Wans and Fears in The Sims 4 to this tutorial. You can also discover what you need faster thanks to our simplified formatting.

How Do Wants Work?

Wants are feelings and wants that your Sim gets as the day goes on. Your impulses will lead your Wants in different ways every day, depending on your mood, your relationships, how well you do at work, and other things.

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Low Needs can sometimes make you want to do something, like take a bath, if you feel dirty because your Hygiene is low. At other times, you might want to flirt with your neighbors after meeting someone exciting for the first time.

The Sims 4: Wants and Fears, Explained!

How To Change Your Wants?

If you have tried to satisfy the bizarre whims of your Sims but have been unsuccessful in doing so, there is a way to convince the game to replace your existing Wants with new ones. This option is available to you if you are experiencing this problem.

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Enter the Settings menu, navigate to the Gameplay tab, and then turn the ‘Show Wants & Fears’ button off and on again. This will do what you need it to. This should provide you with an entirely new set of Wants to work with, and we are crossing our fingers that you will have better results with them.

What Happens To Unfulfilled Wants?

If you ignore your Sim’s wants or don’t give them what they want, they will start to fear that their dreams won’t come true. This seems to be a way that the game tries to get you to use Wants and Fears in your daily play.

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If you see a Want with a spiky edge, it means that your Sim can question an active Fear to get rid of any negative effects caused by that Fear.

For example, if your Sim is afraid of crowds, and they are in a busy place, they will feel uncomfortable. Below, we’ll talk about each Fear and how to deal with it.

How Do Fears Work?

Fears are temporary Traits that show up in your Simology panel along with your normal and acquired Traits that you gain over time.

Fears will make your Sim feel bad or make them more likely to feel bad moonlets that wouldn’t happen if they didn’t have Fear. This is similar to how Traits affect how your Sim feels in certain social or personal situations.

The Sims 4: Wants and Fears, Explained!

You have to face your Fears head-on if you want to get rid of them. If you don’t, your Sim will have more and more bad moodlets, which will make it hard for them to do normal things.

How To Mod Fears Out In The Sims 4?

Your Sim’s mood is at an all-time low, they’re scared of their child’s birthday party, and it’s too dark to go get the mail. You could just turn off the Wants and Fears system from the Gameplay menu in your Settings window, but what’s the fun in that when you can just patch out the parts you don’t like?

When everything else fails and you’re tired of being brave, the following mods will come to your rescue.

Get Rid Of Your Fears is a mod that turns using a mirror into a way to get rid of any current Fears right away.
Sims Get No Fears:

This mod takes Fears out of the game completely if you want to get rid of them for good but keep the cool buffs you get from playing with Wants.


Finally, “The Sims 4: Wants and Fears” adds a dynamic element to this famous life simulation game, improving the virtual Sims’ existence.

This feature, like its predecessors, gives Sims more personality and unpredictability, making their experiences more realistic and fascinating.

Players must handle their Sims’ intricate lives by letting their desires and fears guide them, producing intriguing narratives.

In-game aspirations, such as achieving their greatest goals or overcoming their greatest fears, bring richness and immersion to “The Sims 4,” making it an ever-changing and endlessly enjoyable virtual sandbox.

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