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Uncover Hidden Riches The 7 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for Loot in 2023

7 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for Loot in 2023: There are made-up buildings all over Minecraft worlds, some of which are more dangerous than others.

But a lot of these have one thing in common: they might have loot boxes inside that hold items. When a world is made, loot is generated at random, but tables show what loot can be found in which building. Since loot tables decide what things players can get, some structures are better than others at giving players loot.

Awesome Minecraft seeds for finding structures with great loot

1) 22528189424999 (Java 1.19.3)

This Minecraft Java seed can give players a lot of early-game loot if they don’t mind digging. At (X: -39, Z: 25), they can find a hidden treasure chest right in front of where they spawn.

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But that’s just the beginning. This seed also has a few towns close to spawn that can give you more loot. Some of these villages also have blacksmith shops with items of especially good quality.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for Loot in 2023

If Minecraft players go into the Nether, they can find a Nether castle at the world spawn and a bastion remnant not too far away.

Locations of note

First Town – (X: 160, Z: 176)
Second Town – (X: -224, Z: 0)
Third Town – (X: -208, Z: -176)
Fourth Town – (X: 240, Z: -176)
First Town – (X: 120, Z: 136)
Second Town – (X: -280, Z: 136)
Third Town – (X: -104, Z: 504)
Bastion Remnant – (X: -80, Z: 208)

2) 31963522942666 (Java 1.19.3)

Sometimes, a Minecraft player doesn’t want to go too far from where they started, but they still find a lot of stuff. If so, this Java seed could be just what you need.

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Four towns are close to the spawn point. Two shipwrecks, two broken Nether portals, and a few treasure chests can be found in these villages. If you go through one of the broken openings into the Nether, you will also find a piece of a bastion and two Nether fortresses.

Locations of note

Location Coordinates
First Village X: -224, Z: 96
Second Village X: -208, Z: -144
Third Village X: 192, Z: -192
Fourth Village X: 176, Z: 16
First Ruined Portal X: -248, Z: 8
Second Ruined Portal X: 136, Z: 88
First Shipwreck X: -200, Z: 152
Second Shipwreck X: -488, Z: 200
First Nether Fortress X: -85, Z: -101
Second Nether Fortress X: 91, Z: 43
Bastion Remnant X: -80, Z: 96
Buried Treasure 1 X: -247, Z: 233
Buried Treasure 2 X: -439, Z: 41
Buried Treasure 3 X: -87, Z: -103
Buried Treasure 4 X: -23, Z: -103

3) 7579740492389525007 (Java 1.19.3)

Even though this Minecraft: Java Edition seed doesn’t have as many buried treasures as some seeds, the buildings near the spawn have a lot of different kinds of loot.

This is made up of four towns, a broken portal to the Nether, and a pillager outpost. When players go into the Nether, they will also find two Nether castles and two bastion remnants. They can be hard to get to, but the benefits may be worth the trouble.

Locations of note

Location Coordinates
First Village X: -240, Z: -192
Second Village X: 176, Z: -160
Third Village X: 640, Z: -240
Fourth Village X: 352, Z: 256
Pillager Outpost X: -512, Z: -288
Ruined Portal X: 216, Z: 136
First Nether Fortress X: 107, Z: 75
Second Nether Fortress X: -117, Z: 139
First Bastion Remnant X: 16, Z: -192
Second Bastion Remnant X: -720, Z: -96

4) -4999218182635267731 (Java 1.19.3)

This seed has two chests that are very close to each other, making it easy to get to wealth quickly. After they’re done there, players can find a few towns, two shipwrecks, two broken Nether portals, and even more treasures buried near one of the shipwrecks.

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The nearest broken portal also leads to a Nether castle, which you should definitely check out.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for Loot in 2023

Locations of note

First Village – (X: -208, Z: 48)
Second Village – (X: 208, Z: 176)
Pillager Outpost – (X: -656, Z: 80)
First Ruined Portal – (X: 152, Z: 248)
Second Ruined Portal – (X: -440, Z: 248)
First Shipwreck – (X: 8, Z: 136)
Second Shipwreck – (X: -248, Z: 248)
Nether Fortress – (X: 331, Z: 171)
Buried Treasure Locations – (X: -23, Z: 25), (X: 25, Z: -23), (X: -263, Z: 249)

5) 1222090162574629 (Bedrock 1.19)

It is well known that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has different creation rules than Minecraft: Java Edition. This often leads to great structures being built near the spawn point.

As an example, look no further than this seed. Players will spawn in a town with a blacksmith shop that has a lot of great loot. Also, a broken Nether portal with even more stuff is close.

Lastly, a stronghold lies under the town. If players can find their way through its confusing corridors, they can find a lot of good stuff in its many rooms.

6) 9665390276121893 (Bedrock 1.19)

Like the last Minecraft: Bedrock Edition seed on this list, this one has a lot of good stuff that you can get without ever leaving the spawn. Players can find a nearby town on the coast of a nearby ocean. It has a blacksmith shop with good loot, a lot of treasure chests on the shore, a broken Nether portal, and a stronghold right under it.

You can also find an old mineshaft under the town, which gives you even more places to steal from.

7) 1000367306308321 (Bedrock 1.19)

In version 1.19, this seed is a top competitor for blacksmith shop seeds for fast and quality loot. Players spawn on top of a settlement with five blacksmith shops.

The loot is plentiful to start a survival. After gaining some ground, Minecraft players can clear the neighboring pillager outpost for more goodies. A second town is nearby at (X: -280, Z: 264), and a lot of wealth is south of the spawn settlement.

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