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The First Action Mr. Beast Would Take As Twitter CEO

People demanded that Elon Musk step down as CEO of Twitter and pass over leadership of the platform to someone else amidst the turmoil that ensued after he acquired control of Twitter. This message is signed under the moniker MrBeast, and he has a strategy for this, which involves him taking over as CEO of Twitter.

When Elon Musk conducted a poll on Twitter to determine whether he should step down as CEO, individuals argued that he should step down and hand the keys to Twitter on to someone else. The poll was conducted to determine whether Musk should step down.

According to the findings of the survey, a number of names of individuals who would be able to replace Musk as CEO of Twitter were mentioned; nevertheless, if we leave the most popular figure applying for this role, MrBeast will win by a significant margin.

At the time of this writing, his tweet in which he inquired as to whether or not he could take on this part had received approximately one million likes, and he already had ideas for the path that he would take on social networks in the future.

MrBeast Has a Plan if He becomes CEO of Twitter

A policy that was supposed to significantly restrict users’ ability to publish content from other social media platforms on their Twitter accounts was introduced (and then swiftly abandoned) by Twitter. Musk was in part driven to launch a poll on Twitter asking if he should resign as a result of this.

Elon responded to MrBeast’s inquiry about whether or not he could succeed him as CEO of Twitter by stating that such a possibility was “not out of the question.”

Following Musk’s reaction, MrBeast hinted at what he would consider his “first duty” as CEO, which would be to transform Twitter from a site meant for links to other platforms into a platform that would let users to submit videos.

There are some individuals on Twitter who are entirely on board with the concept that MrBeast proposed, but there are also some users who have some reservations. There have been a number of proposals made as to what should be done in order to attract users to post videos. Some of these suggestions include commercialization and a more comprehensive video streaming service.

MrBeast’s strategy is almost completely different from Musk’s original concept, and he intends to create a version of Twitter that is capable of dominating competitors rather than restricting their activity.

It is difficult to determine whether this will be a positive development for Twitter and whether MrBeast will even apply for the position of CEO at all.

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