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The Famous Slogan “White Lives Matter” by Kanye West Is Worth $1 Billion

Hate speech is always present when someone uses the slogan “White lives matter.” It is for this reason that since since Kanye West conducted a “secret catwalk,” during which many models wore T-shirts that read “White Lives Matter,” the rapper’s problems have only gotten worse. The expression was first used as an overtly racist response to the movement known as “Black Lives Matter,” which sprang to prominence after the sad murder of George Floyd and captured the attention of the general public.

Following the controversy surrounding the “White Lives Matter” T-shirt, the rapper came out as an anti-Semite and a racist, which ultimately resulted in him being banned from social networks. The previous films in which Ye asserts that slavery was a lie rub more salt in the open wound that has recently been caused. But were you aware that two black radio DJs discussing issues of racial justice employed the phrase “White lives matter” in their broadcasts?

Who are the real owners of the White Lives Matter trademark?

Kanye West had the idea to sell the T-shirts a long time before Ye put the message on T-shirts, which were then distributed to orphans all across the city of Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, people did not praise him for what he had done, and as a result, he decided to forsake this business concept in the same way that GAP and Adidas had done. In point of fact, Rames Ja and Quinton Ward were the ones who sold you the trademark. The two individuals are the hosts of a radio programme called Civic Cipher, in which they discuss ways in which the black community might better its lives.

After being told at their previous place of employment that they did not want a “black show,” Ja and Ward decided to launch their own radio programme. As a result, when they initially began their own movement, an audience member provided them with the trademark “White Lives Matter.”

In addition, they did not intend to sell it and instead used it to bring attention to the challenges that are faced by black communities. However, when he was called upon to indicate the price, Rams Jha jokingly blurted out a very high number, not actually believing that anyone would pay the price that he had indicated. But Kanye West might be able to.

How much did Kanye West buy the “White Lives Matter” logo for?

A staggering one billion dollars was paid by Ye to purchase the emblem. The business’s first owners made it their mission to assist only members of the black and brown communities, both past and present, who appealed to them for assistance with the funds they were given. Therefore, when Ye offered a preposterous price for a trademark, despite the fact that he did not desire to sell it, the presenters assessed the amount of people they could help with money rather than hurt and decided to sell it despite the fact that Ye did not seek to sell it.

Ward and Ja discussed the people’s biassed attitude towards them when they were selling a trademark in an interview with Deborah D. Douglas. Deborah D. Douglas was the interviewer. On the other hand, they said that the slogan “White lives matter” was nothing more than a ploy on their part to bring more attention to the debate surrounding the statement “Black lives matter.”

You probably weren’t aware of this, but the White Lives Matter trademark is currently worth one billion dollars. Share your thoughts with us in the section below!

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