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Will Gossip Girl Return for Season 3? Latest Update!

Welcome back to the show in which we delight in the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite (yes, we realise you just read that in Kristen Bell’s voice). Fans of the Gossip Girl revival are enjoying the second season, so naturally, as gluttons for punishment, we want to know if there will be a third season of the reboot.

What is Season Three of Gossip Girl About?

The showrunner of Gossip Girl, Joshua Safran, revealed to POPSUGAR what season three will entail if the series is renewed for a fourth season. “We already know what we want to accomplish in the third season, so ideally [the remake] will feel even more like the original Gossip Girl.

Safran also divulged that the reboot returns to the show’s origins. “Well, I would say that in the prior history of Gossip Girl, season two closes its stories at a particular point in the finale, and then when you think it’s over… essentially, the season premiere of season three occurs at the conclusion of season two,” he stated.

Gossip Girl Season 3

“It is akin to a 25-minute season opener, not just five minutes. So much occurs, more than I believe has ever occurred in a Gossip Girl episode, that once you watch the finale, you will say, “Oh, I see.” The third season is right there.'”

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Will Gossip Girl Return for Season 3

As of December 23, 2022, HBO had not renewed its popular Gossip Girl revival for a third season.

The creator of Gossip Girl, Joshua Safran, already has plans for where the series will go next in terms of raw drama and narrative twists, so don’t worry, friends. (Is it a Gossip Girl episode if there is not at least one narrative twist, two betrayals, and at least two martinis?)

Joshua disclosed to PopSugar, “We already know what we want to accomplish in Season 3, so maybe [the reboot] will feel even more like the original [Gossip Girl].”

In what manner do you ask? Joshua thinks that not just the reappearance of Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) would make people nostalgic for the original series. The Season 2 finale of the reboot of Gossip Girl will be structured similarly to the original series’ season finales.

Gossip Girl Season 3

The Gossip Girl showrunner teased us all with the following statement: “Well, I will say that in the tradition of previous seasons of Gossip Girl, Season 2 resolves its storylines at a certain point in the finale, and then, just when you think it’s over, the season premiere of Season 3 occurs at the end of Season 2.”

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Upper East Siders, there you have it: don’t count off the reigning kings and queens of Constance Billard just yet. What delicious scandal will Gossip Girl reveal next? On December 29, 2022, a new episode of Season 2 of Gossip Girl will premiere exclusively on HBO Max.

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