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The Divorce Between Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied Is Finalized!

Get ready for the latest talk in Hollywood: Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied’s divorce is now final. They had a quiet split last year.

The split of the famous couple has been making waves in the entertainment world. Now it’s time to find out all the juicy details. Come with us as we look into the story behind their breakup, the reasons they broke up, and what’s next for these two well-known and liked celebrities!!

The Divorce Between Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied Is Now Final

Nicole Portman quietly asked for a divorce eight months ago from director and dancer Benjamin Millepied, after being married to him for eleven years. They are now officially no longer married.

Portman and Millepied, 46, live in France with their 12-year-old son Aleph and 7-year-old daughter Amalia. The actress, 42, filed for divorce in July and it was completed last month. Natalie Portman told news sites that the information was correct.

It’s been hard for Portman to deal with their secret breakup, which happened after the media said Millepied was having an affair in May 2023.

Their close friend said, “It was hard for her at first, but her friends rallied around her and helped her get through the worst of it.” The past year was very hard and painful for Natalie, but she is better now and finds happiness in her family, friends, and work.

Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied Divorce Finalized!!

Since the beginning, they have focused on helping their kids get used to their new lives. In the past year, they have been seen in several pictures together. In her Oscar speech, the actress also thanked Millepied for giving her the most important part of her life.

There were signs that something wasn’t right in the marriage—Portman hasn’t worn her wedding ring since the “short-lived” affair became public last spring, for example—but the pair was able to work out their differences and get back to being a normal couple.

The “most important thing” for Portman is to protect her kids and their privacy. For Millepied, the “most important thing” is to get Natalie to forgive him and keep their family together.

In the years since then, both have also had to balance a lot of work. Millepied is the dancer for Dune: Part Two, the hit sequel starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. Portman, on the other hand, has worked on many projects, such as promoting her well-reviewed performance in May and December. At the moment, she is filming Fountain of Youth with Guy Ritchie.

The Oscar-winning actor has also been very active with her soccer team, Angel City. She is now getting ready for the release of her next project, a limited TV series called Lady in the Lake.

Because they are very private, neither Millepied nor Portman have talked about the rumors that surround their marriage in public. If you asked her about the public talk in a February interview with Vanity Fair, she said, “It’s terrible, and I don’t want to add to it.”


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