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Mrs Poindexter Divorce: Is The OnlyFans Star No Longer Married To Her Husband?

People in Crystal Jackson’s California neighborhood made fun of her OnlyFans account, where she goes by the name “Tiffany Poindexter.” This made the news.

People are interested in her marriage to her husband, which is said to be ending in divorce, even though she has a great OnlyFans account. Let’s learn as much as we can about Mrs. Poindexter’s split!

Is It True That Mrs. Poindexter Is Getting Divorced?

Crystal Jackson, who is known as “Mrs. Poindexter,” recently got a lot of attention when she told People magazine about the hard times in her marriage to Chris Jackson.

Crystal told the truth when she said that the start of menopause had changed their relationship in a big way. Things were going well between them before that.

Mrs Poindexter Divorce

Things go wrong in their marriage during this normal part of life, which casts a shadow over their happiness and leads them down a path full of doubt.

Even though they are having issues, it is still not clear what is going on in their relationship since there has been no public announcement of a split.

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What Caused Mrs. Poindexter’s OnlyFans Account To Be Made?

Jackson, 44, started taking sexy pictures with her husband as a fun way to spice up their relationship. Besides that, she told people about her relationship and how it got worse after she went through menopause and was about to end. She told the publication:

“I was missing that closeness we had and a lot of it was because I was going through menopause. You don’t feel excited or sexy no matter what you do.”

Because of this, the two thought it was very strange that women in the area found the material offensive. Chris, on the other hand, says that Tiffany’s story doesn’t bother most people.

Since all the trouble, more and more people have joined Mrs. Pointdexter’s channel, which is good for her account. Besides that, she is now one of the site’s top earners. Even though she makes a lot of money, she keeps her life easy with her family. In her speech, she said:

“I’ll spend the money on shoes and stuff, but for the most part, we live like pretty modestly. I mean, I bought a used Mercedes because I couldn’t stomach buying a new car. We went on our first vacation ever – besides going to Disneyland – back in December. We had never gone on a honeymoon. So it was like our first real vacation we went on.”

When looking at famous people who have had personal problems, Carly Zucker’s split from Jason Zucker shows how hard it can be to be married.

Mrs Poindexter Onlyfans Account

Also, Sutton Foster’s divorce shows that people make decisions for different reasons. It also shows that even popular people have problems that regular people can understand.

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