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The Black Book Part 2: Release Date, Spoilers and Part 1 Recap!

The Black Book is a Nigerian crime shocker film which is produced and directed by Editi Effiong. The film released on 22 September, 2023, it got praised by huge viewership and now fans are waiting of the another part of it, which we are here to discuss all the information we have, however before doing that let’s take a short overview about the film.

This movie follows the story of Paul Edima, a former hitman who is now a church officer and when his son get traped in the case of kidnapping, then he face up to his past and take the control of all in his hands for justice.

Film is all about packed action , justice and corruption which makes the combination of excitement and audience loved it, plus this film also got compared with the John Wick films because of it’s storyline and actions.

Now, let’s look into the whole release date stuff.

Release Date of The Black Book Part 2

We cannot say that there is no discussion is going on regarding The Black Book part 2, Fans are eagerly waiting for the statement from the officials about the release of The Black Book part 2.

Some sources says that the Producer and Directors are looking into the Box office performance and audience reactions to make an decision for the part 2.

However, there are high chances of it’s coming by the end of 2024, and it is sad that audience have to wait for this long to see The Black Book part 2. Until then you can follow the cast members on social media so you don’t miss any updates regarding the release date or you can check our website on daily basis if any update came related to the part 2 of Black Book we will quickly notify you.

What Could Be the Storyline of Part 2, if It Comes ?

Currently no spoilers are there for part 2 of Black Book film, however we can make an assumptions to what will happen in part 2 , so here are some of predictions:

  • The after results of Paul’s break away from General Issa and his men, Paul is now a wanted man , he might find a way to clear his name of the chart and bring Issa to justice
  • Victoria response to Paul’s disloyalty, Victoria got very hurt and she may can’t forgive Paul.
  • The entry of new crime organization, as General Issa is not in the way which allows other syndicate to rise up.
  • The return of Angel, he is very powerful and ruthless and he may take revenge from paul.
  • The investigation may be continued of the Paul son’s death and he will not sit until he finds out who is the killer.

Therefore, these are some of the possibilities which can happen. however remember that, these are all just assumptions and not the officials talk, don’t take this as exact plot which will happen. Although it will be very exciting to watch what will happen in the part 2 of The Black Book.

Where to Watch The black Book film?

Well. for now The Black Book movie is available on the Netflix and to watch it you must have the subscription of Netflix which you can buy in very minimal price of 149 Indian rupees for month to play in one mobile only but this is just if you live in the India, every region has their own rates and it is possible that in your region this movie is not available so check that before taking a subscription.

If you can’t find The Black Book movie on Netflix in your region then there are other platforms too which offers the Rent and purchase options for the movies, here are some of platforms which offers that:

  • Amazon Prime Vide0
  • Google Play Movies

I hope this information is helpful.

Recap of The Black Book Part 1

In part one we see that Paul Edima is forced to confront his past as his son Damilola get framed for kidnapping and murder then the path of struggle for Paul begins, he tries to clear his son’s name which he believes is an wrong allegation and as Paul dives into the dark bottom, he finds a web of corruption and strong powers.

He faces many difficulties like a corrupted police department which continuously hiding their dark secrets to protect themselves and gangs. As he uses his military training and intelligence he moves forward for the justice of his son but he finds himself in his dark past where he is demon to himself and to others.

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