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Arcane season 2 Release Date: Spoilers and Characters

It’s been so long since Arcane season one came, which was released on November 6, 2021. Even after winning so many awards makers made us wait too much, now finally we are hearing about season 2 of Arcane. However, before embarking on release date of Arcane series let’s first look into the little overview of Arcane series.

Arcane is a animated television series which is based on the league of legends imaginary universe, series show the origins of two iconic champions, Vi and jinx and their relationship as sisters. In this series, there are two cities which has a mutual understanding but now there has stressed environment due to arise of new technologies which becoming the reason of their splitting.

This animated series is created by Cristian Linke and Alex Yee and produced by French animation studio Fortiche under the supervision of riot gaming. It has been praised for it’s storyline, characters and great animation. if you are also a fan of Legends of Legends then you like this series so much, now let’s dive into the release dare news of Arcane series season 2.

Arcane Season 2 Release Date

The exact date of Arcane season 2 release is not available yet, however it is confirmed that it is scheduled to be release on November, 2024 and that is not just rumors it was officially confirmed by the Netflix on the Greeked week event in November 2023, they may announce the date also on end of November,2023.

As season one got viral and watched by large number of people, the level of excitement is very high and viewers expecting so much from the makers to serve in season 2.

Spoilers for Arcane Season 2

Currently, there is no spoilers for the Arcane season 2 because still there is time in the release of Arcane season 2, However there are some rumors for leaks that we can share, so here are they :

  • The war between Piltover and Zaun will rise. In season one we saw how Jinx actions created more tension between the two cities and that will start big conflict.
  • We will see more madness of Jinx, as she is already dangerous and unpredictable character in the season one then what will she do in the season one.
  • We can expect a shutdown between Jinx and Ekko, they both share big and complicated history and in season 2 their fight will come to an end.
  • it is possible that we will see new champions from league of legends as we see in the season one.

These are just spoilers which are circulating on internet and there is no official spoilers so all these spoilers can be wrong, but from these rumors we can take idea that what would happen in season 2.

Where to watch Arcane series?

You can watch Arcane on Netflix platform and if you don’t have the subscription then you can take a free trial which is for limited time.

There are other platforms too which offers the Arcane series like:

  • Amazon prime video : here you can rent and purchase the whole season or even an single episode.
  • Google play video : same as other platforms here you can easily rent the shows you like and also Arcane

New Characters in Arcane Season 2

As of now there is no confirmed name list of new characters but it is sure that there will be new characters in the season 2, as we don’t have the name list but there are some talks on internet about some characters which are:

  • Warwick : Warwick is a very powerful and dangerous force who is likely to interfere the fight of Piltover and Zaun.
  • Blitzcrank : Blitzcrank is a golem and he will help Vi and Caitlyn in their fight against Jinx.
  • Camille : He is very powerful and will fight against Vi and Caitlyn.
  • Darius : He is known for his cruelty and he will lead the Noxian invasion of Piltover.
  • Draven : he will be a major antagonist in Arcane season 2.
  • Swain : He is known for his smart moves and intelligence and he will be the the planner behind the Noxian invasion of Piltover.

These are some names which we are currently hearing as new characters of Arcane season 2 but there is also a possibility that we see the familiar faces from League of legends, so stay excited anything can happen.

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