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Starfield: How to Fix Crashing on Pc?

Starfield: Starfield seems to be one of the best Bethesda games ever in terms of how well it works, but there are still bugs and a few crashes to the desktop that can happen.
Starfield is finally out, as long as you know how to use early access. Some PC players have said that the game crashes to the desktop in certain situations, like when using lifts or trying to get to New Atlantis.

If you are also having this problem, there are a few things you can try to fix it before Bethesda releases the official patch. Before you try any of these fixes, you should know that none of them are a sure thing because every PC is different.

Starfield Pc Crashing Fixes

You can discover five possible solutions to fixing the crashing issue in Starfield below. We recommend that you try some conventional remedies such as decreasing your in-game graphical settings before attempting any of them.

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This can relieve a significant amount of burden off of your GPU, which can alleviate issues that sometimes lead to the game crashing. Make sure your central processing unit and graphics processing unit aren’t becoming too hot.


Cap Your Framerate

Many players say that the game didn’t crash when they put a limit on their frame rate. If you have an Nvidia card, go to the Nvidia Control Panel, click on Manage 3D Settings, and then look for the Max Frame Rate choice. Make it 60 FPS.

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If you have an AMD GPU, you can limit your frame rate by going to the Gaming area of the Adrenaline Software, where you’ll find a Radeon Chill option. Set your max FPS to 60 and turn it on.

Turn off FSR

Players are reporting that disabling AMD Fidelity Super Resolution resolves the difficulties they were having with the game crashing on them.

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See if you can accomplish that through the game’s menu and see if that solves the problem. It is obvious that this method is not ideal because FSR contributes to increasing your frame rate, but it is still preferable to experiencing consistent crashes.

Turn off Dynamic Resolution

One more option within the game that, according to player reports, raises the risk of crashing the system. You can find the option to disable dynamic resolution within the game’s main menu; therefore, you should try turning it off and checking to see whether the problem persists.


Turn Off Steam, Discord Overlays, Msi Afterburner and Similar Apps

Many PC gamers enjoy using the MSI Afterburner overlay to monitor their game’s performance; however, certain titles do not get along well with any of these overlays, and playing those games while using them can result in frequent game crashes.

After you have ensured that Steam, Discord, and Xbox overlays are all turned off, as well as MSI Afterburner, you should try the game to see whether it crashes.

Update Your Drivers

If you are just starting out in a game, you really shouldn’t be allowed to skip this step. New drivers for Starfield have been made available by both AMD and Nvidia.

These new drivers increase performance and may have fixed a crash or two. Before beginning the game, check to see that all of your drivers are up to current.

At the time, these are the solutions that, depending on the circumstances, could be beneficial. This article will be updated with additional potentially useful solutions when we, along with others from all over the world, uncover them.


In conclusion, if Starfield on your PC keeps crashing, you need an organized way to fix the problem. If you follow the steps in the guide and make sure that your hardware meets the game’s standards, you can make your gaming experience much more stable.

It’s important to keep your graphics drivers and Windows updates up to date, and you might also want to change the game settings to get the best speed on your PC.

If the problem keeps happening, getting help from the game’s public support channels or community forums can be very helpful. With time and effort, you can get Starfield to stop crashing and fully enjoy its immersive world on your PC.

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