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The 10 Most Important Tech Leaders To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Leadership Profile and Accomplishments

Preet Saxena is a star in data and analytics. He has more than 16 years of experience in a wide range of fields, including strategy, market intelligence, consulting, intellectual property research, and project management.

Preet is a biology engineer with a postgraduate degree in patent law. She has worked for top companies like Evalueserve, Fractal Analytics, and now Concentrix, where she works. At the moment, Preet is in charge of the Data & Analytics practice’s goods, offerings, and solutions team at Concentrix.

Preet is famous for her skills and accomplishments because she has worked with many clients in different parts of the world and knows a lot about everything from analytics technology to business understanding and deploying analytics to make smart business decisions.

Preet organized and led groups of data scientists who provide advanced analytics solutions for a wide range of brands and product lines. These solutions include consumer pulse analytics, campaign analytics, recommender engines for the next best action, text mining, machine learning, and cross-sell strategies, to name a few.

The 10 Most Important Tech Leaders To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Preet worked with senior management to solve business problems and get new clients. He had a lot of hands-on practice with advanced analytics techniques.

At Concentrix, she got a lot of experience by helping the sales team have technical conversations with clients as a SME and by helping the technical solutioning team size up deals by giving them SME feedback on resources, tools, platforms, deliverables, and outcomes.

She is in charge of improving practice and skill by bringing in standards and new ideas to take the services to the next level. She also keeps a close eye on the industry and the competition. She also talked to Everest, Forrester, and Nelson Hall analysts and represented the company’s data and analytics skills.

“Women in AI Leadership Award – 2022” from Analytics India Magazine and “Emerging Leader in AI” from Data World Summit 2022 were both given to her. I also got the “President Club Award” from Concentrix, which is the greatest honor the company can give to someone in the top 1% of talent around the world.

Preet is also Section4 certified in Data & Analytics for building an analytics plan under the guidance of Thomas H. Davenport, a well-known leader in the analytics field. His strategy ideas really motivated her to use them in real tech projects.

Her company has a lot of leaders like Hari Sarvanabhavan, who really motivated her to work in AI and technology and move up in her career. Another place where she gets a lot of ideas from Hans Rosling is visualization. He is great at telling stories based on facts.

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AI is changing and growing quickly, and we are finding more and more ways to use it to make our lives easier and simpler. But new improvements in data, storage methods, algorithms, and computer power have sped up the whole process even more.

Preet has always been good at telling stories through pictures. She liked to look at and understand facts from a very young age. She stays driven by the chance to solve difficult issues at all stages of the value chain (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive). As deep learning methods have become more popular, they can be used in more areas, from healthcare to cars.

The most important parts of any tech project value chain are figuring out how to use data patterns, findings, and interpretations in the business. You can make a thousand models, but what matters is how they can be used to make a difference in real life.

A lot of model builds are never put into use. So, she chose this area of technology because it would help her translate analysis results into better business outcomes.

The 10 Most Important Tech Leaders To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Because Generative AI is getting better and opens up so many new possibilities, it can be used in almost any situation or business. The rate at which technology changes means that you have to always be willing to learn and be quick to adapt in order to use new technologies to get things done. So, a complete change of mind is needed.

There is a change happening, and more women are choosing STEM subjects now. She thinks this positive change will happen faster in one or two generations because of things like good pay, flexible hours, more daycare centers, and more companies making it easy for women to work. All of these changes will slowly change the environment and how people think about working in tech.

There are more and more tech companies that make Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion a part of their mindset. And she says that companies with a lot of different cultures and women at all levels of the company make good decisions and do well.

Besides work, Preet is married and has two children who love K-pop. She really loves yoga and does the same thing every morning when she wakes up. She thinks that this is what gives her the energy to get through the day and balance her work and home life well.

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