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Who Is Luna Snow In Marvel Rivals?

Many players may meet Luna Snow for the first time in Marvel Rivals. Luna Snow is a Korean pop star who turned superhero and can control ice.

Marvel has announced its newest game, Marvel Rivals, which is a free-to-play PvP team shooter that could easily compete with Overwatch. NetEase Games made Marvel Rivals, a game where players take control of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe.

Each character has their own special skills that help them finish missions. The closed alpha version of the game will be released in May. It will have 18 playable characters at first, and more will be added in later patches.

The trailer for Marvel Rivals showed a lot of well-known characters, like Spider-Man and Loki, whether they were good guys or bad guys. It also showed some less well-known characters that die-hard fans will remember. One of these is Luna Snow, who can be seen shooting ice on the battlefield like Mei in Overwatch.

Know About Marvel Rivals’ Luna Snow

Luna Snow, whose real name is Seol Hee, is from South Korea and wants to be a K-pop star. She can control ice. That was in 2019. In the first part of War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas, she was introduced as a member of Agents of Atlas, along with Shang-Chi, Wave, and other characters.

Luna’s journey as a superhero began when she appeared at a Stark Industries event that was attacked by the science-focused group A.I.M. Luna was locked in a storage freezer after trying to protect the guests.

There, she was subjected to an advanced cold-fusion experiment that gave her the power to control ice. Luna was able to get away and beat A.I.M. with the help of her new skills.

Know About Marvel Rivals' Luna Snow

Moon and the other Agents of Atlas have worked together ever since to keep people safe around the world and in the Pacific Rim. Sindr, the Queen of Cinders and Msupelheim, is their main enemy. She wants to make Earth her own fiery hellscape.

Name Luna Snow (Seol Hee)
Country of Origin South Korea
Power Ice generation and manipulation
Affiliation Agents of Atlas

Luna has also been in a Marvel game besides books. In Marvel Future Fight, she played a Speed-type character. Most of her skills deal with Cold Damage to enemies and give friends extra speed and protection against Cold Damage.

Luna also plays in Marvel Super War, where she attacks enemies with ice and heals friends at the same time. Marvel also put out songs by Luna Snow that can be played in both games:

  • Marvel Future Fight: “I Really Wanna,” “Fly Away,” and “Tonight”
  • Marvel Super War: “Flow”

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What Does Luna Snow Bring To Marvel Rivals?

It looks like Luna is a support hero from the trailer for Marvel Rivals. She can glide across the map on ice, and her friends may be able to get better stats in some way.

The skills she’s shown so far are a lot like her support skills in Marvel Future Fight and Marvel Super War, but it’s still not clear if she’ll also be a nurse. When Luna teams up with Namor, she helps him call up ice creatures that can attack enemies.

What Does Luna Snow Bring To Marvel Rivals?

Luna is like Mei from Overwatch in that she can change ice. Mei, on the other hand, is a DPS character who can build an ice wall to protect herself. As of now, we don’t know if Luna will be able to deal damage or if she will only be a support hero in Marvel Rivals.

As the closed alpha version of Marvel Rivals is still more than a month away, players will likely learn more about the heroes they can play as in the coming weeks.

I look forward to seeing how Luna is used in the fight, especially how she can work with other heroes to get the job done. She might even be able to act while fighting.

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