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Temptation Island Season 4: Will There Be a 4th Season of Temptation Island?

At least one pair cheats on Temptation Island every season. With that said, there are always a few cast members that act suspiciously from the beginning. In Season 4, there is nothing new. Season 4 single Madelyn Rusinyak, aka Juicy, opened up exclusively to Distractify about who she’s been keeping an eye on since the beginning.

Several of the Temptation Island cast members to appear to be on the verge of cheating early in Season 4.

Temptation Island Season 4

As evidenced by the season opener, a group of beautiful singles has been sent on the island to actually lure couples from severing their ties to one another.

“Temptation Island” Cast Members for Season Four

Which ‘temptation Island’ Couples Have Cheated This Season?

Four-year-old college sweethearts Gillian and Edgar, four-year-old college sweethearts Iris and Luke, and seven-year-old Ashley and Lascelles make up the four couples in Season 4 of the show, which premieres this Sunday. Ash is the first one of the cast to be disloyal. It doesn’t matter how many cushions they put between them, Taylor still kisses her. Once again, she appears to be on the verge of ending her relationship with Hania.

Ash goes a step farther in her relationship with Taylor in the episode airing on April 13th, 2022. And she’s not sorry she did it. Gillian is officially unfaithful to her boyfriend, Edgar, in the same episode. Tommy, one of the men in the group, kisses her twice. Edgar’s response in a confessional video makes her feel horrible, but there may be no going back for her.

He goes all in with Trace in the April 20, 2022 episode, the one single he connects with. Ashley no longer exists in his life, and Trace is his future. This guy even goes so far as to say, “I adore you.” During the Distractify interview with Madelyn, she mentioned one cast member in particular. She didn’t elaborate on whether or not this cast member’s eye wanders or whether or not all of the relationships work out in the end.

“Temptation Island” Stars Edgar and Gillian

Gillian and Edgar are the main characters from the fourth season of “Temptation Island.”

During the first episode, Madelyn stated, “So Lascelles would say stuff as people would walk by and it shows you know.” “Then we’d say something along the lines of “Oh, all right.” Moreover, I was thinking, you know that man, he’s going to cheat.” There’s no way Madelyn could tell us more about Lascelles on Season 4 of Temptation Island than the brief kiss we saw between him and Ashley. He and Ashley are one of the strongest pairs on this season; if there’s no hope for them, we’re pretty much out of the running.

As it turns out, in the season premiere, one of the songs connects emotionally with Lascelles’s girlfriend, Ashley. They could leave the island together if they desire to do so. That’s definitely a possibility right now. Lagares and Rodriguez are said to still be dating.

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Lascelles Lagares and girlfriend Ashley Rodriguez travelled to Temptation Island after a seven-year romance. In their minds, they were overly reliant on each other.

In spite of the fact that Ashley had a romantic relationship with someone during filming, it appears that Lascelles and Ashley selected each other after filming.

Temptation Island Season 4
After the premiere of the play, Lascelles uploaded a picture of himself at a Sunset Park pop-up shop. Fans saw that he had tagged an account and paid close attention (via Reddit).

Ashley showed off a diamond in her tooth in an Instagram story selfie. Fans believe they were at the Brooklyn, New York event together because she praised the same account that Lascelles had tagged in his tweet.

Is There Going to Be a Fourth Season?

Season 4 of Temptation Island premiered on the USA Network on Wednesday, March 16. As a result, the first episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a great opportunity for viewers to see the flaws in each of the four couples’ marriages.

Were Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger Attending Coachella as a Couple?

When Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger realised that their five-year romance was in jeopardy, they decided to sign up for the reality programme. He wants to prove to Iris that he’s the one for her, but she’s already taken a shine to a single he met. Fans began noticing that Iris and Luke appeared to have attended Coachella at the same time as Lascelles and Ashley. On Instagram, she posted a photo of her attire in a garden and tagged the event in California.

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He also marked the occasion in a snap of what admirers assume to be the same backyard. As a result, it is presumed that the pair has remained together.

Season 4 of ‘temptation Island’ Is Presently Airing With the Couples

When Ashley invited Lascelles and her to appear on the show, she noted that they had become “comfortable” after nearly a decade together.

Temptation Island Season 4

Her other concern is that she’d like to be married, but that they haven’t had the opportunity to share their lives with other people yet.

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When Ashley met Blake Blumenshine, she felt a strong emotional connection with him, something she hadn’t had with Lascelles. Even yet, he admits that he has difficulty expressing his feelings. He didn’t mind watching her emotional attachment grow over the weekly bonfires because he thought they desired it.


Love can only exist when it’s put to the test, as Temptation Island season 4 proves once again. That’s what the show’s creators would represent.

Fans of the social experiment should expect a little more partying, a few more regrettable “mistakes,” and a whole lot of drama as the show enters its fourth season.

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