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Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release Date – When Did the Series Renew for a Second Season?

Tell Me Lies is an American drama streaming television series produced by Meaghan Oppenheimer, based on Carola Lovering’s 2018 novel of the same name. On September 7, 2022, the series premiered on Hulu. It covers Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco’s relationship over the course of eight years after they met in college. The series got renewed for a second season in November 2022.

Fans of Tell Me Lies, rejoice! The series has been officially renewed for a second season! Therefore, there will be more romance, intrigue, and sinister secrets. We are impatient.

The first season of Disney+’s streaming service follows the characters Lucy and Stephen for eight years. Based on Carola Lovering’s novel of the same name, the series follows the couple’s toxic but impassioned relationship from their undergraduate days to their twenties, with a great deal of (occasionally dark) drama unraveling. In addition, Emma Roberts serves as executive producer, which makes this an even greater treat.

Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release date

While Disney+ and Hulu have announced that season two is coming, they have yet to reveal a premiere date. It was initially announced in August 2021 that Hulu has ordered season one, with the series premiering in September 2022. According to that timeline, Tell Me Lies season 2 should be released by the end of 2023 or early 2024. Fingers crossed that we’ll get lucky sooner!

Who will Feature in Season 2 of Tell Me Lies?

Tell Me Lies would not be Tell Me Lies without Stephen and Lucy, so we anticipate that Jackson White and Grace Van Patten will reprise their respective roles.

Catherine Missal portrays Bree, Spencer House plays Wrigley, Sonia Mena plays Pippa, Alicia Crowder plays Diana, Branden Cook plays Evan, Benjamin Wadsworth portrays Drew, and Zoe Renee portrays Charlie. Macy was slain in a vehicle accident during the first season, so we can only expect to see Lily McInerny in flashbacks.

What is the Storyline of Tell Me Lies Season 2?

While no official narrative details have been released for Tell Me Lies Season 2, we can anticipate seeing more of Lucy’s adult life and a deeper dig into the couple’s college years. If you’re new to the program, it chronicles a “tumultuous but intoxicating relationship” over the course of eight years.

“When Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) meet in college, they are at that formative age when seemingly insignificant decisions lead to irreversible consequences.” Although their relationship starts off like any other campus romance, they rapidly become entangled in an addictive entanglement that will forever change not just their lives, but the lives of everyone around them.”

Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release Date

Meaghan Oppenheimer discussed her ambitions for Season 2 in an interview with Decider. “Yes, I have a lot planned for both my college and adult years,” she replied. “I think it’ll be interesting to see more of Lucy’s life as an adult, and what her reaction is as Stephen re-enters her life after years.”

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Concerning Lucy and Bree’s relationship, Oppenheimer stated that she wanted the first season to be “Lucy’s redemption tour towards Bree, like really realizing how much she has betrayed her.” Not only with Evan… she’s taken her a lot for granted.”

Is There A Tell Me Lies Season 2 Trailer?

The Tell Me Lies Season 2 trailer is now unavailable. We’ll update this section when it’s available online, and you can see the trailer here.


At this moment, we are unable to provide a release date for season 2. Furthermore, nothing has changed in terms of how season 2 is progressing. But in November 2022, the program was given a second season renewal. Our primary objective is to give you accurate information on Tell Me Lies’ next seasons and any recent updates. Are you looking forward to Tell Me Lies Season 2? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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