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Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date: Check It Out Here!

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date: Who wouldn’t want their Uber driver to exact particular revenge on their sworn enemy?

Following the success of the first season, it was announced that the SBS drama Taxi Driver would return for a second season. The drama chronicles the life of Kim Do-ki (played by Lee Je-hoon), a Naval Academy graduate and UDT (underwater demolition squad) official.

After a serial killer murdered his mother, Kim Do-ki changed his life to become a deluxe taxi driver for Rainbow Taxi Services. The company provides a specific “revenge-call” service for customers who wish to exact vengeance on others.

If you’re a fan of Taxi Driver, you may be curious about when the next season of this renowned K-drama will premiere. Well, wonder no longer!

Taxi Driver Season 2

Even though the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi crew disbanded after Do Gi exacted his vengeance, Seong Cheol, Go, Eun, Gyeong Gu, and Jin Eon cannot refuse Do Gi’s invitation to reunite. Although though everyone desires to live a normal life and pursue a regular job, they all have a strong desire to combat injustice.

A young man named On Ha Jun, who accidentally wanders into Rainbow Taxi’s secret basement, joins the organization. The group continues to advocate for victims of an unjust society. They currently have a record number of customers.

Yet, their efforts attract the attention of a mysterious group, which reveals itself by eliminating one of Do Gi’s targets and then vanishing without a trace. When the Rainbow Taxi team attempts to determine who the gang is and what it wants, they are confronted with their greatest obstacle.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

Friday, March 24 at 10:30 pm (KST), 5:30 am (PT), and 8:30 am (EST), the ninth episode of the new season of Taxi Driver will be made available online worldwide (ET).

Anticipate the show’s second season to consist of 16 episodes. Each episode of Taxi Driver will be approximately sixty minutes long. Moreover, expect episodes to be released with subtitles.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Cast

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

Where to Watch Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9?

The second season of the SBS original drama Taxi Driver will be available to South Korean residents. For worldwide viewers, it will be available on Viki in the majority of locations. The published episode is also available on the streaming platform Viu for Asian residents.

However, expect a delay until Viki uploads the episodes following their initial broadcast in Korea, despite the fact that the subtitles are among the best on the web among other streaming services. Viu will have a relatively shorter delay in uploading episodes following their debut.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Trailer

Ratings of Taxi Driver

However, what is the rating for this program? Currently, the series has an IMDb rating of 8.0/10, making it one of the highest-rated shows of recent years.

It also has an 8.8/10 rating on Mydramalist and an astounding 86% approval rating among critics. This illustrates that viewers and critics regularly praise the series for being entertaining and thought-provoking.

Reviews of Taxi Driver

The protagonist of this Korean television series is a Seoul taxi driver named Kim Do-gi. It comes out that a small clique within the cab firm, including the owner, is assisting others in exacting vengeance on individuals who have wronged them without receiving sufficient punishment.

Throughout the series, they assist a number of individuals seeking retribution, including a woman whose “employers” treated their employees like slaves and a web-hosting corporation with a bullying culture. Individuals they “arrest” are taken to a “prison” administered by Baek Sung-mi, a female crime boss.

The prosecutor, Kang Ha-na, observes the disappearance of several convicts and initiates an investigation. She quickly concludes that the taxi company is guilty, but cannot provide sufficient evidence. This show was enjoyable to watch. Although the majority of viewers will back the revenge-seeking taxi company.

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Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date: Kim Do-ki seeks revenge on his sworn enemy, and the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi crew reunites to combat injustice. Taxi Driver has an IMDb rating of 8.0/10, an 8.8/10 rating on Mydramalist, and an 86% approval rating from critics.

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