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Splikity Net Worth: What Are Their Unique Features?

Managing passwords has never been easier than with Splikity. They may use Splikity to securely save, maintain, and remember their password, so removing the possibility of forgetting it. They can utilize Splikity to secure their passwords from hackers seeking to steal their identities. Additionally, they may utilize Splikity to synchronize and backup your password across all of their devices.

Additionally, they may use the Splikity app to generate complex and unique passwords for new sign-ups, ensuring your account remains safe from intruders. The brothers were motivated to develop intuitive software to minimize the need to recall passwords without jeopardizing security since they recognized their lack of technological ability.

Splikity Net Worth

Most importantly, they guaranteed that the app was accessible to everyone, even elderly women. Due to the brothers’ lack of technological skills, they recruited a team to construct their application. Following the software’s inception, there was evident interest in it. One of these interests led to a firm paying $50,000 for the privilege to utilize their software.

Simplicity is a simple and user-friendly tool for managing passwords. With Splikity, it’s impossible to lose your password because it’s stored, managed, and remembered securely. You can safeguard your password against hackers who wish to steal your identity by using the Splikity: Password app. Additionally, the Splikity: Password App enables you to backup and synchronise your password across all of your devices.

With the Splikity app, you can also generate distinctive and complex passwords for any new sign-ups to protect yourself from hackers.
Using this tool, you can generate unique, complicated passwords for all of the websites you frequent, ensuring that your personal information is safe from unauthorized access.

The Firm Uses Military-grade Encryption but Doesn’t Have the Key. With Sync, Never Forget Your Password

Simplicity: Password App was founded by Chad and Doug Clark. Simplicity was developed by two brothers who were wary of forgetting passwords and had resided in Paradise Valley, Arizona, all of their lives.

Hackers’ credentials are safeguarded by Splikity, which was designed as a traditional password management system by its developers. A primary goal of the Splikity Password app is ensuring that you never lose or forget any of your online login credentials by making it easy for you to keep track of, save, and sync all of your passwords across all of your devices.

Splikity After Shark Tank

The Clark brothers were dissatisfied since they didn’t feel like they had enough time to discuss Splikity’s unique advantages. Password storage and management were never promoted as a feature of the Splikity Password management tool. If the designers of Splikity were sufficiently prepared for the shark tank presentation, they might be able to negotiate a better price.

Splikity’s presentation made no mention of anything that would set their product different from the competition.

Simplicity has the potential to be a terrific solution because the major issue with the rising internet trend is password security. The Splikity app is useful for people of all ages, but it’s especially helpful for the elderly, who have a propensity for forgetting things.

As of right now, you can still use the Splikity app. However, since the Shark Tank episode aired, Splikity’s social media profiles have not been very active.

Splikity Net Worth 2022

In Shark Tank, they wanted $200,000K for a 10 per cent share in Splikity. In other words, the company has 2 million dollars worth of assets at this point.

Is Splikity Still in Business?

Simplicity is still in business in 2022, when this article was written. The Splikity: Password Management App is still functional and running.

Splikity Net Worth

Once the Tank app was made accessible, there wasn’t much of a demand. Doug’s LinkedIn profile still refers to the business as “open” as of 2021. Even though they have no active social media sites and only five ratings on the Apple App Store, their website is still up.

Did Splikity Get a Deal in Shark Tank?

Splikity sought to convince the sharks into a $200,000 agreement. Except for Kevin O’Leary, who made an offer that Splikity declined, they were all rejected.

Who Founded Splikity?

Chad Clark and Doug Clark are the creators of Splikity.

What Occurred to Splikity at the Shark Tank Pitch?

In the year of 2015, they started their business. Chad and Doug make their way inside Shark Tank and quickly begin telling their narrative.

Kevin tells them they haven’t asked for money yet, but they say they want $200k for a 20% ownership in the company, which implies a $2 million valuation. Both of them are still living at home with their parents and have no prior technical training. Mark Cuban, on the other hand, immediately withdraws because he regards the product as an all-too-easy tool for hackers to get people’s credentials. Robert Herjavec is intrigued by the app’s ability to work on its own.

In this video, Lori Greiner shows how even a woman who isn’t comfortable with technology can use it. Monthly fees are $4.99, and a year’s worth of service is $49.99. Their sales had reached $55,000 since the start of the previous month, thanks to a royalty agreement. Given how frequently she forgets her passwords, Barbara Corcoran wonders if it does anything more than aggregate your data.

Cuban, on the other hand, is enraged by the fact that they are being so secretive about their royalty arrangement because they cannot reveal who presented them with the agreement.


Technological magnate Herjavec admires their efforts but feels like “he knows too much” and so leaves. Corcoran finds it strange, but she, too, goes out because she cannot earn money if she does not understand it.

Greiner, Who Couldn’t Process It Soon Enough, Also Leaves

Even if the final shark tells them that demand exists, O’Leary only grants $200,000 in venture capital, repayable with 10% of future profits until the $600,000 has been repaid completely. Additionally, he desires a 5 per cent ownership.

They Are Appreciative of the Offer but Refuse

While expressing their displeasure with their unwillingness to grant them two additional minutes to explain, Herjavec says,

Splikity Net Worth

“It is not my obligation to listen; it is your responsibility to convince me to listen.”

Splikity Following the Shark Tank Pitch

There was a lack of interest in the app following the release of the Tank.

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Doug continues to advertise the firm as open on his LinkedIn profile as of 2021. The website is still up, but no one is posting on their social media profiles, and the Apple app store has only received five stars from users.


A 20% ownership in the company is valued at $2 million, according to Chad Clark and Doug Clark, who is asking for $200,000.

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