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Change Days Season 2: Cast, Release Date and All Latest Updates!

Reality dating program Guys, if you have ever questioned why it’s not a good idea to air your dirty laundry in public, we have a new show for you. Season 2 of Change Days, which has already aired five episodes, will serve as a reminder as to why it’s a poor idea to date, other people, while your relationship is already documented.

Change Days Season 2

Immediately enticing from the first episode, the show has a cast full of stunning women that will have you looking up from whatever you’re doing. Then you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re curious about who these people are.

Jang Do-Yeon, Code Kunst, Yang Se-chan, and Heo Young-Ji serve as the season 2 hosts. The competition is open to Lee Jeong-hun, Choi Hun-Hyeon and Min Hyo-gi, Choi Yun-sul and Kim Taiwan, Choi Yun-sul and Min Hyogi, Choi Do Hyeong and Kim Ji-Yu. The Second Season of Change Days Contestants

Ji Sung and Ji Suk Lee and Cho Hui-hyeon

Despite their apparent lack of chemistry, Jeong-hun and Hui-Hyeon, the show’s longest-lasting couple after 1265 days of dating, seem cool and comfortable with one another. In addition to becoming a dance instructor, Jeong-hun used to be in the boy band TST. They met on a blind date and Hui-Hyeon owns a Pilates studio.

However, there isn’t much to see on their joint YouTube channel. In the meantime, Jeong-hun and Hui-Hyeon both have Instagram accounts that you can follow.

In This Case, Kim Tae-wan and Kim Hye-Yeon Are Being Referred to Here

They’ve been together for 241 days and are a highly polarizing couple in the show because of Hye-antics. Leon’s Two years separate the two of them. Tae-wan, on the other hand, has a hard time relating to anyone, especially his girlfriend Hye-Yeon, and feels isolated from the rest of the group. Hye-relationship Yeon appears to be beset with communication problems, as she refuses to answer any of her boyfriend’s probing queries. Hye-Yeon, a primary school teacher, met Tae-wan, a fitness trainer when he persisted in asking her out.

Yun-seul, Min Hyo-gi, and Others

Hyo-gi and Yun-seul have been dating for 529 days after they met at a friend’s party and fell in love at first sight. Color Rush and Color Rush 2 star Hyo-gi, an actor. Yun-seul, meanwhile, is a university student.

Change Days Season 2

Even in their relationship, Yun-seul appears to be an introverted and shy person. Even after only five episodes, the couple, especially Yun-seul, seems to be able to communicate with one another, even though it almost always ends in a quarrel!

Korean Actors Kim Do-hyeong and Ji-yu

I’m torn between feeling sorry for this pair and blaming them! Their relationship is now 171 days old. On the other hand, their relationship had ended abruptly three years earlier after just dating for nine months. Ji-ghosting yu’s of Do-hyeong was also a traumatic part of their breakup.


After the incident, beauty YouTuber Ji-yu and mathematics teacher Do-hyeong appear to have been extremely closed off and hesitant to discuss their differences for fear of a fight. It’s safe to conclude that as a result of this, they’ve avoided discussing some of the most critical aspects of their relationship, leading to misunderstandings.

It’s the Fifth Episode of Season 2 of Change Days

In 2022, at 7 p.m. KST on June 30th, the fifth episode of Change Days Season 2 will be released. The couples are revealing more and more about themselves in each episode, and viewers are learning a lot about them. Here are the new couples, as determined by the ‘ideal couple’ shuffle. As soon as they met, Min Hyo Gi and Choi Hui Hyeon gave each other the ‘found the one’ signals. Kim Ji Yu reminded Lee Jeong Hun of his first ex-girlfriend, who left a terrible taste in his mouth, despite the two having a pleasant date.

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There was no chemistry between Choi Yun Seul and Kim Tae Wan, even though they were perfect complements. It was clear from the beginning that Kim Do Hyeong and Kim Hye Yeon had a special connection. They went on a date where they took a lot of pictures and had a lot of quality time together.


Season 1 of Single’s Inferno began on Netflix on December 18, 2021, and concluded on January 8, 2022, with its last two episodes.

Change Days Season 2

Is there going to be a second season of Single’s Inferno? Of course, we know that you’re eager to find out. Netflix has just renewed Season 2 of Single’s Inferno!

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