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Shots fired at supermarkets in the United States, 2 killed

A gunman has been shot dead at a supermarket on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee. At least 12 people were injured. Police also recovered the body of the suspected gunman after the shootings. The incident took place around 1.30 pm local time on Thursday. News Reuters.

Tennessee Police Officer Dale Lane said police rushed to the scene after receiving news of the shooting at the supermarket. Upon reaching there, the members of the police started rescuing the people. Many were hiding in refrigerators and lockers to escape the bullets, the police official said.

Dale Lane thinks only one person was involved in the attack on the supermarket. He said his body was found in a car park outside the market. The body of the suspected attacker was in his car, a local media reported.

About two hours after the shooting, the police official told reporters, “Some special equipment is being brought to the spot to search the attacker’s car and his belongings.” We are waiting for them. ”

Meanwhile, Dale Lane said the condition of some of the injured in the attack was serious. He said all of them were taken to various local hospitals. Authorities could not immediately confirm the cause of the attack.

Two women have been shot dead at a supermarket in Atlanta, USA. The shooting happened at a store called Kroger Store on Monday afternoon. Police have arrested two suspects in the incident.

The supermarket was quite crowded as shoppers were already buying essentials in anticipation of the upcoming winter storm. Shooting occurs at one stage of an argument or clash. However, the details were not known.

Two people who were shot have been admitted to the hospital. However, their physical condition was not immediately known.

The attack took place at the King Spurs supermarket, Colorado Boulder Police Chief Mary Herald told a news conference. The motive for the attack was not immediately clear. The incident is being investigated.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weisser expressed outrage at the attack in a statement.

Police say a suspected gunman has been arrested. However, the police could not immediately provide details about the attacker.

An eyewitness to the incident said, ‘I don’t know what was going on here. I heard gunshots. A gunman was firing on people. ‘

Another eyewitness videotaped the shootings. There were bodies lying inside and outside the supermarket.

“I pray for the families of the victims in this time of mourning and grief,” Colorado Governor Jared Polish said in a tweet.

An employee of a supermarket warehouse in the US state of Wisconsin has shot dead two of his colleagues. He later committed suicide when police opened fire on him. The incident happened on Tuesday night local time.

The man called two officials of the Roundy Distribution Center around 10:30 pm on Tuesday to avoid a possible accident at the factory. Quickly they arrive at the scene to realize that they have been called to lie.

Police arrived at the scene after the murder and recovered the bodies of the two. The suspect was rescued injured. He later died.

Police declined to comment on how the two colleagues were killed. Wisconsin Governor Tony Rivers has expressed grief over the incident. He confirmed that both men had been shot dead.

The victims were not identified, but all three had been working for the company for more than 20 years. As a result, they were longtime colleagues. Top officials at the organization have not yet confirmed whether there was any animosity between them.

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