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‘Fire test’ in front of Biden

‘Fire test’ in front of US President Joe Biden. The situation in Washington next week could determine the future of him and the Democratic Party.

Biden’s success as president in U.S. history could be set for next week on Capitol Hill. In this situation, the opposition Republican Party and the Conservative Americans are waiting to calculate Biden’s possible failure.

Biden’s much-discussed infrastructure law proposal will be tested in Congress next week. Some lawmakers in the Democratic Party are now bent on this 1.2 trillion proposal. Tensions are running high between the White House and the Democratic Party.

The law has been passed in the US Senate. According to the agreement, 19 Republican senators voted in favor of the bill. Extensive compromise had to be reached to get the bill passed in the Senate. The Democratic and Republican parties have equal positions in the Senate.

The infrastructure law proposal will be presented to the House of Representatives on September 28. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

The Democratic Party, with a small margin in the House of Representatives. But Liberal Democrats in the House of Representatives are already bent on the bill. They say a separate 3.5 trillion law proposal must be passed first. Only then will they vote in favor of the infrastructure law proposal.

The 3.5 trillion bill includes all the commitments of President Biden and the Democratic Party. The bill includes issues such as immigration, job creation, and various programs to combat climate change, as well as all landmark development and social security programs in American history.

Alexandria Ocasio, a liberal Democrat in the House of Representatives, and Pramila Jaipal, among others, have previously sought compromise on the 3.5 trillion bill. They are pressuring for this now.

Liberal lawmakers in the Democratic Party feel that if the costly law is not passed under pressure, it will be abandoned by members of the Democratic Party’s moderate and Republican parties.

It has become difficult to negotiate the 3.5 trillion law proposal. Democrats Senators Kristen Cinema and Joe Manchin, who split 50-50 between the two parties in the Senate, said they were not in favor of the costly bill.

On the other hand, other liberal lawmakers, including Senator Barney Sanders, think this is their last chance. This time, if they can’t get this expensive law proposal to carry out their programs, they will never be able to.

It has become difficult for President Biden to negotiate. Biden hopes to take over as president, overcoming the turbulent times of his predecessor, Donald Trump. In the Corona epidemic and the ongoing reality of the country, Biden dreamed of the greatest development and reform in the history of the United States. According to him, he has promised to take the country forward. Biden said the biggest development and reform program of the generation will be implemented in America. It will be the largest government investment in history.

Biden has made a political bet with such a big initiative. The dominance of government in American society has long been debated. During the time of former Democrat President Bill Clinton, it was said that the dominance of the people over the people in America was declining. Even if it is not achieved, if President Biden’s plan is implemented, the government’s involvement in every aspect of the American people will increase.

In an analysis, CNN said President Biden has now included all his development and reform plans in just two law proposals. He and the Democrats do not seem to have an alternative. Biden and the Democratic Party will stumble if these two laws are not finally accepted. Biden does not yet have a plan on how to proceed if his program fails.

Biden and the Democrats have very little time. Confidence in the history of U.S. politics and opinion polls suggest that next year’s midterm elections could be catastrophic for the Democratic Party. Control of the House of Representatives and Senate is likely to go to the Republican Party together.

The midterm elections have already begun. The danger for Biden will be exacerbated if the Republican Party delays the passage of legislation in the next few weeks.

Political analysts say that if not, President Biden is unlikely to agree on any major legislation by 2024.

CNN says the Democratic Party needs to unite now. Otherwise, they will not be able to implement the party’s programs. In that case, the Democratic Party may have to step down in 2024 with the responsibility of failure. As a result, next week is very important for Biden and the Democratic Party.

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