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Severance Season 2: Who Is Helly?

The Innies have become Outies, which will have a major impact on Severance season 2. For the second season of sci-fi horror/mystery mayhem, Apple TV Plus has renewed Adam Scott’s psychological thriller for a second season.

Ben Stiller directed and executive produced Severance, which was written and produced by Dan Erickson and Dan Erickson. The plot revolves around several Lumon Industries employees who developed a medical treatment termed “severance” at the biotech company.

Severance Season 2

When an employee undergoes surgery, the memories of their work are erased. As a result, they become an “Innie” person who only exists at work. For the “Outie” versions, life goes on as it does for everyone else, and they don’t know what they’re doing. You can’t have it both ways, and it’s the scariest possible illustration.

The Macro data Refinement section was cut off by Mark (Scott). Helly is a fresh addition to the team. All three of them, Dylan, and Irving are pleased to have him. In the wake of her arrival, Mark and the others begin to investigate the numerous mysteries of Lumon.

With their Innies taking over their Outies and them discovering terrible truths about their pasts, Season 1 culminates on a cliffhanger of epic proportions.

In Severance Season 2, Who Can Expect to See More of?

Adam Scott, who plays Mark Scout, is scheduled to reprise his role for the second season. The actors who portray Helly R., Dylan G., and Irving B., respectively, Britt Lower and Zach Cherry and John Turturro, should all return.

Additionally, the show may bring back some of Lumon Industries’ most notable figures, such as:

  • To play Mrs Selvig, Patricia Arquette plays Harmony Corbel, a manager in charge of the cut floor.
  • This character, Seth Milchick, is played by Tramell Tillman.
  • Christopher Walken portrays Burt Goodman, Irving’s love interest and former head of the Optics and Design branch.
  • Mark’s dead wife Gemma, played by Dichen Lachman, was a former wellness counsellor on the severed floor.
  • Natalie, a member of the board of trustees, is played by Sydney Cole Alexander.
  • Michael Siberry portrays the current CEO of Lumon Industries, James Eagan.
  • There are additional significant characters who are not directly involved in the narrative:
  • Jen Tullock portrays Mark’s sister, Devon, who recently gave birth.
  • Michael Chernus portrays Ricken Hale, Devon Hale’s spouse and a writer.
  • Senator Angelo Arteta, played by Ethan Flower, is a big fan of severance pay.
  • Gabby Arteta is Angelo’s new mother and his wife. Her role is played by Nora Dale.
  • Devon’s midwife, Alexa (Nikki M. James), is also Mark’s lover.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see whether there are any new cast members for Severance season 2. The man Burt was spotted within his Outie life when he was retired is one possibility. Additionally, more members of the Eagan family could be brought in by the show.

What Happened in Season One of Severance, the Second Season?

Let’s Begin by Dissecting Severance’s Season 1 Finale

Outies Mark, Helly and Irving become when Dylan completes the Overtime Contingency procedure. A mutual effort is made to understand one’s condition.

At the Lumon gala, Helly dresses as Helena Eagan while Mark meets his boss Harmony Cobel. Irving paints the corridor, and all three meet their bosses. While trying to evade Cobel, Mark finds out that Devon is his sister. After reading Cobel’s book, Ricken incorrectly tells Cobel that he is an Innie. While Devon and Cobel discuss severance, Corbel dashes to Lumon’s office.

She makes a call to Milchick to get him to put a halt to Dylan before making her way to Helly.

An exhibit celebrating Helly’s amputation has left Helly disgusted. Because she has to communicate, Helena has an issue with severance. “We’re hurting, and we don’t know what to do. Underneath, we’re being tortured.”

Severance Season 2

Newspaper articles concerning former Lumon employees suing the company are included in Irving’s narrative, as well as an employee directory. He’s on his way to Burt’s. He hesitates when he sees Burt with another man.

When Milchick enters the security room to confront Dylan, all three Innies are in jeopardy. Irving knocks on Burt’s door, and Mark understands that his wife, Gemma, is the fired wellness counsellor. Helly is removed from the stage.

He Tells Devon, “She’s Alive!” as the Switch Goes Back to Outties

What will the Outties be thinking at the start of season 2? Severance enjoys playing with people’s perceptions.

When Helly “lies” to her father and a large crowd about severance, Helena will have to deal with it. Mark instructed Lumon to be examined by his sister. Public scrutiny of Lumon’s methods and a ban on severance are both warranted.

There will be a lot of information to glean from Outie Irving’s visit to Burt. If Irving is no longer working, Burt won’t recognize him, and the reverse is true as well. His frenetic watercolours of Lumon’s dismal hallway show that Innie’s memory has not faded. Feelings that can’t be cut off?

Gemma’s Innie suspects that Ms Casey could be the same person as Mark’s Innie. Helly’s kiss will complicate things, however.


In addition to supporting Innie Mark and Helly, Stiller hopes that Outtie Mark will find a wife (opens in new tab). That contradiction and juxtaposition will be examined in the second season

Season 2 of Severance is Scheduled to Premiere on What Date?

Our best guess would be the same time next year, so let’s go with Winter-Spring 2023 as our best guess.


Who Created the Netflix Original Series “Severance”?

While Dan Erickson came up with the show’s concept, it’s Ben Stiller who is best renowned for his work on the show. For the first season, he serves as both an executive producer and a director.

Do New Severance Episodes Occur on a Weekly or Biweekly Basis?

Severance is an excellent illustration of why a show should release new episodes regularly.

Severance Season 2

With each new episode, viewers have been able to piece together the show’s puzzles and hints, which has helped the show become a cult favourite among science fiction lovers.

Severance Season 2: Who Is Helly?

Season 2 of Severance’s creator, Erickson, hinted at what will happen to Helly (also known as Helena Eagan) when an audience member inquired if the name Helly is a reference to “Hollywood:

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The Silent Bloodbath,” an old script that Severance’s author had written. “Hollywood is set in the far future,” Erickson added (just like Aladdin).


Our best guess would be the same time next year, so let’s go with Winter-Spring 2023 as our best guess.

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