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Resident Alien Season 4 Release Date: Check Out Exact Date Of Release With Storyline

Will Resident Alien ever come out, or will the studio say no? Syfy has revived the comedy-drama science fiction show Resident Alien for a second season. The new humor and talent in the show made it a big hit right away.

Like the name says, the show is about an alien who comes to Earth on a task but ends up staying there. Alan Tudyk, the main figure, is a really funny guy. Without a doubt, he takes the show by himself.

In the same way, people are looking forward to Resident Alien season 3. For fans who caught up with the show, you may be thinking if it will be back for a fourth season.

The third season of Resident Alien just started on February 14, 2024. As of now, the show’s makers haven’t said for sure that Resident Alien will return for a fourth season. Because the show is so famous, it’s clear that it will come back.

This page tells you everything you need to know about the fourth season of Resident Alien. We will talk about when and where to watch Resident Alien season 4 soon in this post.

Resident Alien Season 4 Release Date

The third season of the popular sci-fi mystery program Resident Alien just started airing on February 14, 2024. The people who make the show and the production company haven’t said anything about renewing Resident Alien for a fourth season yet.

Resident Alien Season 4 Release Date

Some people think that this comedy-drama will not end any time soon. Season 3 was never said to be the last one. So, there is still hope for Resident Alien Season 4.

No matter what, it all depends on how the critics, audiences, and viewers rate the movie. Fans will have to wait until April for season 3 to end.

Resident Alien Season 4 will come out in early 2025 if the show gets the go-ahead.

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What Will Happen In Resident Alien Season 4

Resident Alien is at the very beginning of this season of the show, according to the plan. It’s hard to talk about what will happen in the future right now.

As for what to expect from the story, this part will have some comic book spoilers. Amanda and Bradley get closer and marry each other as the story goes on. Honey, Amanda’s kid, might have a part in the show.

Asta, on the other hand, falls in love with Harry over time. They start to date each other. But we don’t know if the show will keep going in the same direction or find a different way to end.

There is still the question of where Harry is on Earth. What will he do when he dies? Or will he always go back to his planet?

Who Will Be In Season 4 Of Resident Alien?

Here is the list:

Cast Character
Judah Prehn Max Hawthorne
Alan Tudyk Harry Vanderspeigle
Sara Tomko Asta Twelvetrees
Corey Reynolds Sheriff Mike Thompson
Alice Wetterlund D’Arcy Bloom
Levi Fiehler Ben Hawthorne
Elizabeth Bowen Deputy Olivia “Liv” ner

Resident Alien Season 3 Recap

That was the start of Resident Alien season 3, which ran from February to April and had eight shows. People on Earth are in danger from the Greys, so Harry stays behind.

Even though Harry likes to work alone, he values teamwork and has ties with McCallister, who used to be his enemy. Joseph, a Grey-human mix, keeps an eye on Harry and works to get Harry and Asta to interact with each other.

The son of Peter Hutchins gives Joseph a backpack bag. The lid falls off, and what’s inside is probably a camera. When Joseph comes to see Harry, D’Arcy, and Asta, Harry wants to know what The Greys and Joseph are up to.

Resident Alien Season 3 Recap

McCallister tells Harry that they found alien audio and that Joseph is the person who killed Peter Bach. Asta and D’Arcy talk about going on a date with Joseph, but Harry says they can’t.

Kate and Ben have flashbacks of being taken by aliens, and Max and Sahar find Peter’s item for tracking aliens. The long-term boyfriend of Sahar, Max, finds out that she went on a date with one of The Greys.

Asta kicks Harry out, but he later tells everyone that his love stops him from saving the world. The show is at an interesting point, but it still has funny and familiar parts.

Where To Watch The Resident Alien?

On February 14, at 10 p.m. ET, Syfy and USA network showed the first episode of Resident Alien season 3. The next day, all of the shows will air for the first time on Peacock.

The show’s whole season can be streamed on the Syfy app, the Syfy website, and Peacock.

You can now watch seasons 1 and 2 of Resident Alien on Netflix.


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