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Is Shahmaran Based on a True Story? When Will It Be Available?

Is Shahmaran Based on a True Story? Umur Turagay has directed the newest fantasy series on Netflix, titled Shahmaran. Sahsu, the protagonist of the show, confronts her grandfather after learning that he abandoned her mother many years ago.

But she couldn’t have known that her path would become intertwined with mythological tales and predictions. Her world is flipped upside down when she meets the Mar, a group of people who claim to be descendants of the legendary beast Shahmaran. It’s hard to think of a show with a plot as original as this one. But how much of it is based on reality?


Shahmaran is a legendary creature who, according to the tales, combines the attractive features of a human female with those of a snake. Those who find and capture Shahmaran are said to be granted immortality and get her vast wisdom and healing powers. According to the myth’s prophecy, a new period of peace and prosperity would begin when Shahmaran finally shows herself to the world.

All of the conflict and drama in the show stem from this prophecy. Sahsu meets Maran when she goes to Astana to address her grandfather about his previous mistakes. Maran and Sashu’s love story becomes a focal point in Maran’s hometown of Mar.

A marked man from the Mar community and a selected human female is said to bring Shahmaran back to life, according to the prophecy of this community. Therefore, the Mar community believes that Sahsu and Maran are the ones to realise the prophecy when they finally meet.

The conflict and ideological divides that drive the show’s plot are also present. With the Shahmaran tale at its core, it’s safe to assume there will be plenty of snake references and sequences, as well as a focus on the attractiveness of women.

The show’s narrator tells viewers that a centuries-old act of betrayal marked the beginning of the Shahmaran saga. This statement alludes to the legendary love affair between the god Shahmaran and a mortal named Jamasp, which is considered by many to mark the origin of modern mythology and symbolism.

Is Shahmaran Based on a True Story?

An actual story did not serve as inspiration for Shahmaran. The show’s premise is derived from a tale about the half-woman, half-snake creature known as Shahmaran. Sashu and Maran’s romance and the hope of the people of Mar for the return of Shahmaran play major roles in the series.

Is Shahmaran Based on a True Story


The legend of Shahmaran has been told from generation to generation, and the story is well-known in the Middle Eastern folklore of many different nations, especially in Turkey and Iran. We can’t wait to see how the producers of this show, which is based on the tale of a woman-and-snake hybrid, would adapt the narrative into a contemporary television series. You may learn more about the show and the Shahmaran mythology further on in the article.

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Why is Shahmaran’s Fable Regarded as a Tale of Betrayal?

You need to know the backstory of the betrayal reference in order to grasp its full significance. In the distant past, perhaps thousands of years ago, there was a subterranean country ruled by snakes. The serpents were known as Maran, and their queen was known as Shahmaran. The Queen was said to be a stunning young woman who shared a human upper body with a serpent.

The legend holds that Jamasp saw Shahmaran before anyone else. Jamasp was a timber merchant living below the poverty line. With his pals, he stumbled onto a honey-filled cave by complete chance. So that Jamasp could get as much honey as possible, they had him hauled down into the cave and left him there.

Jamasp discovered a light emanating from what appeared to be a hole in the cave’s ceiling. He used a pocket knife to make the hole bigger, and what he saw next floored him. There, among rare and exotic blooms, he discovered the most breathtaking garden. There were also several snakes and several pools. Jamasp remained, sharing his home with Shahmaran and numerous other snakes. He picked up some valuable knowledge and gained Shahmaran’s respect while he was there.

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Jamasp missed his family after being away from them for so long, so he finally requested Shahmaran for permission to return home. For his freedom, Shahmaran required a pledge that he wouldn’t reveal her whereabouts to anyone. Jamasp promised he wouldn’t sell her off. He remained faithful to his word and kept Shahmaran’s location a secret for years.

The king fell unwell, however, and his counsel advised him to eat Shahmaran’s flesh in order to recover. When word got out, everyone made it their top goal to track out Shahmaran. The location of Shahmaran was revealed after Jamasp was coerced into spilling his secret. “Blanch me in an earthen dish,” Shahmaran ordered Jamasp. “Give my extract to the vizier. Feed my meat to the sultan.” Because of this, the sultan recovered and appointed Jamasp as his counsellor after the death of the previous one.

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When Will Shahmaran Be Available?

Consequently, Jamasp betrayed Shahmaran by breaking their pledge, which ultimately led to Shahmaran’s death. Betrayal is at the heart of all of the different narratives, although the details vary. I’m hoping the show also displays an awareness of the story’s significance. Only Netflix subscribers can see the premiere of Shahmaran on January 20.

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