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Pope Francis Doing Well After Three-Hour-Long Abdominal Surgery!

The Vatican said Wednesday that Pope Francis underwent a successful three-hour operation on his abdomen, following increasing concerns about the 86-year-old’s health. According to the Vatican, there were no reported difficulties. It had previously been stated that the Pope will be hospitalized for several days.

According to one of the surgeons participating in the treatment, Francis responded well to the surgery and anesthetic and had already made a joke subsequently.

“He’s been in a lot of pain.” This was not an emergency procedure…. He was still in discomfort, therefore surgery was scheduled for yesterday,” Dr. Sergio Alfieri stated during a news conference in Rome. “No other pathologies or illnesses were discovered,” Alfieri added, adding that the pope has returned to work from the hospital.

“Now he is awake, he is fine, and he is already at work.” According to the doctor, Francis will be in the hospital for around 10 days to recover.

Matteo Bruni, a spokesperson for the Vatican, stated on Thursday that “the night went well” after the surgery and that more information would be published later in the day, according to an official statement on the Vatican press office’s Telegram account.

As a result of an illness that incapacitated him at the end of May, the pontiff had to cancel a number of work obligations. He was hospitalized in March for bronchitis, but antibiotics were effective. Francis quipped as he left the infirmary on that occasion that he is “still alive.”

Technically known as a laparotomy, Wednesday’s procedure involves general anesthesia and is intended to repair a hernia that, according to the Vatican, was causing “recurrent, painful, and worsening” symptoms. According to medical sources, the intervention is most likely connected to Francis’ 2021 surgery to remove half of his colon.

Prior to the treatment, Bruni stated that the pope was anticipated to make a “full functional recovery.” All of Francis’ audiences have been canceled, according to the Prefecture of the Papal Household, until June 18.

According to Reuters, Francis headed for the hospital on Wednesday following his public audience in St. Peter’s Square, where he paused to mingle with members of the throng. According to Reuters, the pope next went to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital, which has a 10th-floor apartment reserved for popes.

Pope Francis Surgery

Tourists and faithful at the Vatican told CNN that they were “praying for Pope Francis” as he headed for Italy’s capital. “Today I went to the audience and saw the Pope.” Then we heard the mass, and the priest instructed us to pray for the Pope. “We are currently praying for Pope Francis,” Sister Annatuli, 40, stated.

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Carina, 30, claimed she came from Mexico to see her aunt, a nun in Rome. “I understand how serious this is. It’s challenging because there are so many people who care about him and the church.

“We hope that he will recover.” In addition to his colon surgery two years ago, Francis had a portion of one lung removed as a young man following a severe bout of pneumonia. Recently, in 2019, he had cataract surgery at the Pius XI Clinic in Rome. Additionally, he has contended with chronic sciatica discomfort.

Over the past year, he has had knee issues that have rendered him reliant on a cane or a wheelchair. Should Francis be incapacitated for an extended period of time, the Vatican could face a constitutional crisis. In the Catholic system, there is no “vice pope” who can exercise the pope’s authority in his absence.

The Vatican’s current secretary of state, Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin, can supervise routine day-to-day management, but he lacks the authority to appoint bishops or create or suppress dioceses around the globe.

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