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Poker Face Episode 9 Release Date Update in 2023!

Poker Face Episode 9 Release Date: Numerous individuals actively seek Poker Face Episode 9 Release Date. Internet-wide, fans of this series are eagerly anticipating this future episode.

Therefore, we present you with a distinct handbook. If you are also looking for the same thing, you are at the right spot; simply read this article until its conclusion.

This article contains all the information on the release date of Poker Face Episode 9. Here, we will also give further information about this series, including where to view it and information on the cast. Therefore, we urge everyone to read this entire text.

Poker Face

Poker Face is a new American murder mystery crime drama that a large number of people are currently viewing. The creator of this show is Rian Johnson.

Charlie Cale, a casino employee with an innate capacity to detect lies, travels throughout the United States evading the casino’s owner after a strange death.

This series’ plot is highly exciting and full of suspense. As you begin to watch it, your anticipation for the following episode will grow.

After viewing the most recent episode of this show, its fans are eager to learn when Poker Face Episode 9 will air. Continue reading to discover the precise release date.

Poker Face Episode 9 Release Date

Poker Face Episode 9 Cast

  • Sara Colton is played by Megan Suri.
  • Ryan in the role of Jed
  • Abe Brandon is played by John Ratzenberger.
  • Damian is played by Michael Hall.
  • Dana Lil is played by Chelsea Frei.
  • Taffy Boyle is played by Rel Howery.
  • Mandy Boyle is played by Danielle Macdonald.
  • Shane Austin / Hanky T. Pickins is played by Paul McGhie.
  • George Boyle is played by Larry Brown.
  • Charlie Cale is played by Natasha Lyonne.
  • Cliff LeGrand is played by Benjamin Bratt.
  • Sterling Frost Sr. is played by Ron Perlman.
  • Sterling Frost Jr. is played by Adrien Brody.
  • Natalie is played by Dascha Polanco.
  • Sheriff Parker is played by Noah Segan.
  • Marge is played by Hong Chau.

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Poker Face Episode 9 Release Date

Now we will announce the release date for the ninth episode of Poker Face. This episode is titled “Escape from Shit Mountain” and will air on March 2, 2023(Source:

After learning the exact date of the episode’s release, all of the series’ fans must be very excited to watch it. So make note of the date since your wait will soon be over.

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  • “The Night Shift”
  • “The Stall”
  • “Rest in Metal”
  • “Time of the Monkey”
  • “Exit Stage Death”
  • “The Future of the Sport”
  • “The Orpheus Syndrome”
  • “Escape from Shit Mountain”
  • “The Hook”


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