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Pending Train Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More Information!

Pending Train Season 2 Release Date: The second season of the drama TV show Pending Train is coming soon and is very much looked forward to. The science fiction show, which is directed by Kenta Tanaka, is about three people who meet in a post-apocalyptic world.

This fantasy drama is a lot like the Korean Black Knight in that it shows a fight for survival and a dark future. True to its name, Pending Railway is a story told from three very different points of view. It also has a mysterious train car. As was said above, a rock carries the train car to a barren area in the far future.

Pending Train Season 2 Release Date

It was reported that the first season of Pending Train would start on April 21, 2023. It had ten shows in all. The other seasons will come out in the years to come.

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There’s no word yet on whether or not Pending Train will come back for a second season. It needs to be confirmed right now if it will be renewed.

Pending Train Season 2

Also, the show hasn’t been given the legal go-ahead by the studio that makes it. Even so, the show’s makers have said they are interested in making a second season and given ideas for plots.

Pending Train Season 2 Plot

Pending Train has decided not to continue airing the program for a third season. Due to the fact that very few specifics surrounding the second season of Pending Train are currently accessible, all that we can do is make some educated guesses about the story.

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On the other hand, we should anticipate that the upcoming season will continue the tale from where it was left off in the previous season.

Pending Train Season 2 Cast

People are getting more excited for the second season of the Netflix original series “Pending Train,” as early predictions say that Yuki Yamada, Eiji Akaso, and Moka Kamishiraishi will play important roles in the next episode. Fans are already excited to see how these skilled actors will add to the story.

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Expectations are high because, in addition to these known faces, a large number of new cast members are expected to join the project.

These new cast members will bring new ideas and perspectives to the series. As the cast starts to come together, fans can’t help but wonder how this group will work together to make another exciting season of “Pending Train.”

Pending Train Season 2 Trailer

Is there a teaser or trailer for the upcoming second season of Pending Train that we can watch? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Pending Train Season 2

Because the producers have not yet renewed the popular series Pending Train for a second season, there is no trailer available. But as soon as we have more details, we will share them with you here!

Where to Watch Pending Train Season 2?

Since all of the prior seasons of Pending Train Season 2 are already available on Netflix, it makes sense that the next season will also premiere on Netflix.

Fans of Pending Train can’t wait for the second season and want to know more about what’s to come. The second season of Pending Train hasn’t been set in stone yet. If it gets made, you’ll probably be able to watch it on Netflix, just like the first season.

Pending Train IMDB Rating

Netflix released the first episode of the 2023 Japanese TV program Pending Train. The sci-fi thriller follows charismatic hairstylist Kayashima Naoya. When his train crashes into a shattered future planet without food, water, or communication, he must battle to survive.

The 10-episode show stars Yûki Yamada, Eiji Akaso, Moka Kamishiraishi, and others. IMDb rates the show 5.6 out of 10. Critics and fans have mixed reviews. Some episodes are rated higher. Episode 2 gets an 8.4/10 rating from 6 ratings. The show is rated U/A 13+ for action and explicit themes.


In conclusion, the release date for Season 2 of “Pending Train” is still a secret, but people are getting more and more excited about the show. With the possibility of Yuki Yamada, Eiji Akaso, and Moka Kamishiraishi being in the next season, as well as the promise of new cast members, fans can be sure that the next season will be an exciting and memorable one to watch.

As we excitedly wait for more news and an official release date, it’s clear that “Pending Train” has already made a name for itself as a streaming show that’s worth keeping an eye on.

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