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Korra Obidi Divorce: A Closer Look at the Reasons and Fallout!


Korra Obidi Divorce: Korra Obidi is a Nigerian-American dancer and singer who is well-known in the entertainment business for her amazing dance moves and musical skills.

But news of her divorce has been all over the news lately, making her friends and followers ask questions and worry. In this piece, we’ll look more closely at Korra Obidi’s divorce, her personal journey, and the lessons we can learn from her situation.

Korra Obidi Bio

Category Information
Full Name Korra Obidi
Birth Date June 23, 1994
Age 29 years (as of September 2023)
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality Nigerian-American
Profession Dancer, Singer, Actress
Known For Dancehall performances and music
Spouse Dr. Justin Dean (formerly married)
Children Daughter – June Dean
Genres Dancehall, Afrobeat, Hip-Hop

Who is Korra Obidi?

Nigerian-American dancer, singer, model, and social media star Korra Obidi is known for her many skills and online presence. She was born in Nigeria on June 23, 1993. She became known for her amazing dance skills, which she often shows off on different social media sites.

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Korra Obidi has a big following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where she shares dance moves, music, and snippets of her personal life.

Korra Obidi Divorce

She is also good at dancing, but she has also tried her hand at singing by putting out songs and music videos. Korra Obidi has a unique set of skills that have helped her build a strong fan base and make a name for herself in the entertainment industry and as an online personality.

Who is Korra Obidi Husband?

Korra Obidi is a dancer and singer from Nigeria. She is married to Justin Dean, a sports therapist and chiropractor from the United States.

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They have two kids together, June and Athena, who were born in 2019 and 2022, respectively. But recently, their marriage has been having trouble because Justin has been accusing Korra of cheating on him and has said on social media that he wants to divorce her.

Korra has not confirmed or refuted the rumors, but she has apologized to her fans for disappointing them with her marriage problems. She has also said that for now, she is focused on herself and her daughters. Here are some places where you can find out more about Korra Obidi and Justin Dean: BBC’s, Sportskeeda.

When Did Korra Obidi Get Married?

The results of a search show that Korra Obidi got married in December 2017. She got married to Dr. Justin Dean, a sports doctor and chiropractor from the United States.

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In Lagos, Nigeria, they had a traditional service to make sure that they would stay together. This important event marked the start of a new chapter in Korra Obidi’s life, and it was celebrated in a way that was both traditional and personal, showing how diverse and rich their love story was.

Is Korra Obidi Still Married?

After doing a search online, it’s clear that Korra Obidi and Dr. Justin Dean are no longer married. In a surprising turn of events, the couple decided to end their marriage and start divorce procedures on March 10, 2022, just a little over a week after having their second child.

Korra Obidi Divorce

But it’s important to point out that their relationship status has changed. Korra Obidi said in May 2022 that she had gotten back together with her ex-husband.

This suggests that they may be looking into the chance of rekindling their relationship and moving forward together after a hard time in their marriage.

What Happened to Korra Obidi?

I settled the divorce with Justin after paying half of my bride price, and my name is Korra Obidi. Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, better known by her stage name Korra Obidi, is a famous Nigerian dancer and singer.

She recently stated that she paid half of her bride price and also paid her American ex-husband Justin Dean a settlement of $50,000 following their divorce. Korra Obidi is also known as Korra Obidi.

Why Did Korra Obidi and Dr. Justin Dean Divorce?

Korra Obidi and Dr. Justin Dean were a Nigerian-American pair with two children and what seemed to be a happy marriage. In March 2022, Dean revealed on his Instagram story that he was divorcing Obidi and blaming her for cheating and being a narcissist.

This was a big change in their relationship. Obidi, who is a dancer, singer, and actress, didn’t react to the accusations at first, but she later posted a video on Facebook in which she apologized to her fans who looked up to her marriage and said that she was trying to deal with the situation by dancing.

She also said she wouldn’t criticize her husband and would speak her side when she was ready. The chiropractor Dean said divorcing Obidi was the hardest decision of his life, and he filed the paperwork that week.

The pair married in Delta State, Nigeria, in 2019. Athena, their second child, was born a week before the breakup. Their divorce is still a mystery because neither of them has explained what went wrong.


Fans of Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi and American chiropractor Justin Dean were startled by their divorce. The two-child couple divorced in March 2022 after less than four years together. Justin divorced Korra because she verbally abused June and ignored Athena.

She was also accused of aggressively yanking June from him and dislocating her shoulder. Korra, however, thanked her followers for their love and care but did not explain the divorce. She promised to take care of herself and her newborn.

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