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Paige Lorenze Dating History: Who Is Paige Lorenze Dating Now?


Paige Lorenze’s dating history has been a subject of interest, marked by high-profile relationships and intriguing connections. In our article, we delve deeper into her romantic journey, exploring the notable figures she has been linked with and the dynamics of each relationship.

From public appearances to social media hints, we uncover the narratives behind her love life, offering insights into the personalities and stories intertwined with hers. For a comprehensive look into Paige Lorenze’s dating experiences and the stories that shaped them, read on to discover more.

Paige Lorenze Dating History

Paige Lorenze’s romantic history includes notable figures like Tyler Cameron (2022), Morgan Wallen (2021-2022), Armie Hammer (2020), and Kasperi Kapanen (2019-2020). In a candid interview, Lorenze disclosed troubling details about her relationship with Armie Hammer, alleging he imposed controlling rules on her activities and made her feel unsafe.

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She was among several women who accused Hammer of emotional abuse and misconduct in 2020, prompting her to end their four-month relationship. In a subsequent 2023 interview, Hammer admitted to being emotionally abusive but denied any criminal behavior.

Lorenze’s story highlights issues of power dynamics and personal safety within relationships, shedding light on the complexities of navigating high-profile romances amidst public scrutiny.

Who Is Paige Lorenze Dating Now?

Paige Lorenze captured attention when she celebrated boyfriend Tommy Paul’s victory at the 2023 Queen’s Club Championships, holding his trophy. The couple met during the 2022 US Open, and Lorenze has since accompanied Paul to tournaments globally, solidifying their relationship in the public eye.

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Reflecting on her journey, Lorenze expressed satisfaction with her personal and professional growth, emphasizing her dedication to her business ventures and her passion for horses. “I’ve invested heavily in my business, acquired two horses, and now live in a beautiful home with an incredible boyfriend. I’m living out my dreams,” she shared in 2023.

Lorenze’s evolving presence in both sports and lifestyle spheres highlights her journey from viral sensation to establishing a multifaceted identity beyond her high-profile relationships.


Paige Lorenze’s journey through high-profile relationships, from troubling disclosures with Armie Hammer to celebrating triumphs with Tommy Paul, reveals her resilience and growth. Her candid interviews shed light on the complexities of navigating public scrutiny and personal safety in relationships.

Beyond romance, Lorenze’s dedication to her business ventures and passion for horses underscores her multifaceted identity and pursuit of dreams. Her evolving presence in sports and lifestyle spheres reflects a trajectory from viral sensation to a woman embracing personal empowerment and professional success.

Lorenze’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges and triumphs individuals face in finding their voice and forging their path amidst the spotlight.

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