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On November 11, 2011, a Boy Turns 11 Years Old. He Was Born at 11:11 Am.

Daniel Saunders, an eleven-year-old schoolboy from Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, is enjoying his eleventh birthday today. Daniel has had a strong connection to the number 11 ever since the day he was born.

He will now have the opportunity to celebrate a unique birthday, on which he will receive 11 presents.

Daniel said: “This birthday is going to be more thrilling than any other birthday I’ve ever had, which is saying a lot considering how much I’ve been looking forward to it.

“According to numerology, the number eleven is a master number, and this indicates that I have a lot of potential in the years to come. It’s my fortunate number, and it’s not hard to keep in mind. Nobody ever fails to remember that it’s my birthday! “

Because his mother Charlotte has considered 11 to be her lucky number ever since elementary school, the fact that he was born on that date is all the more extraordinary.

It was planned that Daniel would be born on November 17th, 2011, but Charlotte, who is now 41 years old, found out a week earlier that her kid was in an unusual position.

The doctors attempted to reposition him but were unable to do so; consequently, they scheduled a caesarean surgery to take place on November 11th.

The birth of Daniel was then delayed on the day because he was positioned under Charlotte’s ribs; as a result, it took the doctors longer than planned to get him out. This caused the birth to be delayed.

In her words: “We arrived at the location at six in the morning and had to wait to be summoned. He would have been out sooner if he hadn’t been caught under my ribs, and it took some time for them to carefully manoeuvre him out.

It’s very special to share that with him, and it does make Remembrance Day more special. You think back to the war and all those relatives that were lost, so you have an extra moment. It’s amazing that he was born with all those 11s. It’s been my lucky number since I was a young child. It’s been my lucky number since I was a young child. It’s amazing that he was born with all those 11s.

Daniel still possesses the poppy that was given to him by the hospital staff on the day he was born at Addenbrooke’s.

The birth day, according to the father, 42-year-old Jason, who owns a company that provides grounds maintenance: “It’s going to be a fantastic and unforgettable day.

“We didn’t think there was a chance in hell that he would be born on November 11th, 2011, at 11:11 am. There was no way we could have imagined that happening. Given that he will soon be turning 11, it is a very significant day.

“The doctor said there was no chance he would be born at 11:11, but I guess he was clutching on to his mother’s rib cage,” she added. “A lot of people use their birthday as their PIN number, but he’s quite fixated on that one!”

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