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How You Can Support a Veteran

“Just saying ‘thank you’ means more than you could even expect to take into consideration. “What we need to do is make sure that we care about these folks that put the cloth of our nation on their backs and let them know that we care about them,” said retired Brigadier General Stewart Goodwin. “We need to make sure that we care about these folks that put the cloth of our nation on their backs.”

Goodwin estimates that over 28,000 veterans have taken their own lives after 9/11, whereas approximately 7,000 have been killed in action.

“Those who are still here are frequently coping with the aftereffects of catastrophic stress, but there is assistance available. The number 988 is a toll-free number that can be dialled from any location. “When you dial that number, you will be connected right away with a person in your area who is able to provide assistance to you,” explained Goodwin.

On Veterans Day, numerous restaurant chains across the United States are honouring military veterans and active-duty service members by providing special discounts and even free meals. At many different restaurants, including Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, and others, you can get specials and discounts on your meal. Dunkin’ Donuts, IHOP, Starbucks, Wawa, and Krispy Kreme are also showing their gratitude by giving away free goods.

It is necessary to present evidence of military service, such as a military ID, discharge papers, a VA card, or a card from a veterans’ organisation. There are certain businesses that permit customers to identify themselves by dressed in uniform.

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