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Obsession Ending Explained: Why Did Anna Leave England After the Fatal Accident?

Obsession Ending Explained: The conclusion of the new Netflix series Obsession left us with our jaws on the floor. Those who have read the novel Damage by Josephine Hart may be less astonished, but the four-part miniseries will be at the top of many subscribers’ watchlists once they become engrossed in the dark and compelling story.

Obsession Ending Explained

Anna Leaves England After the Fatal Accident

Anna leaves England after the fatal accident that claims Jay’s life, devastated by the loss of her beloved and desiring to avoid William. This is because, despite his son’s death due to circumstances related to him, William wishes to maintain his affair with Anna.

After Jay’s death, Ingrid either deduces everything or is told everything by William, and she desires a divorce. On the day of Jay’s funeral, the woman informs William that it is the last time he will ever see her, and William does not appear particularly affected by this. Instead, he searches for Anna and forces Peggy to reveal her whereabouts.

William Arrives at the Resort Where Anna Has Been Residing in Europe

William arrives at the resort where Anna has been residing in Europe, with the hope of reconciling with her. Anna remains steadfast in her position; she had always informed William that their affair would only work if she had Jay as a husband and that it would continue as long as she remained married to his son.

Obsession Ending Explained

Anna remains steadfast in her decision until the very end, despite the extremely poisonous nature of such a proposition.

Anna visits the apartment one last time after both characters return to London and discover one of the ribbons she and William used during their intimate sessions. Peggy attempts to console Anna and assures her that she will always be there for her.

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William Purchases the Apartment Where He and Anna Would Meet,

After the property is placed up for sale, William purchases the apartment where he and Anna would meet, and he also discovers Anna’s diary hidden in the fireplace.

William purchases the property to recollect his time with Anna and to cherish those memories, and he does the same by reading the diary. It is evident from the conclusion that the two characters are no longer together.

Anna consults a psychotherapist at the conclusion of “Obsession” after enduring all of these experiences. Anna’s eyes light up when the male therapist asks her if it would be helpful to have standards for their conversation, and she affirms affirmatively.

It is suggested that Anna discovers a third man who resembles her deceased sibling and fiancé and that she is eager to engage in a similar game of obsession with him.

Obsession Ending Explained

Obsession Plot

William Farrow is a renowned surgeon in the United Kingdom who also handles the most complex cases with great success.

William begins “Obsession” by performing surgery on conjoined twins; his success in saving the lives of the two infants is immediately celebrated by his colleagues and the media. William is blissfully married to his wife, Ingrid, and the couple has two grown children, Jay and Sally.

William and Ingrid travel to the countryside to enjoy a weekend away from their hectic professional lives at the latter’s family home.

Edward, Ingrid’s father, who appears to have considerable influence among politicians and diplomats, wants William to enter politics as a type of health advisor, and William agrees.

Soon, we are introduced to Jay as he visits his family and tells them about his longtime relationship with his new partner.

Sally elicits the lover’s name from her brother, Anna Barton, despite the fact that Jay does not intend to reveal everything about her immediately.

Back in London, Edward holds a party in honour of William’s professional success and political aspirations. At this party, a younger woman attracts William’s attention, and the two are shortly introduced in a way that suggests something may develop between them in the future.

This woman is indeed Anna Barton, Jay’s fiancée, and after their brief encounter, she leaves a lasting impression on William. When Ingrid and the physician return home that evening, he conceals the fact that he just met Anna.

The following weekend, Jay invites Anna to his home to meet his parents, and William must now consciously conceal his growing attraction to her.

As it becomes increasingly apparent that Jay will propose to Anna, his mother, Ingrid, becomes concerned about their age difference, as Anna is quite a few years older than Jay. But William finds himself in a very different predicament as he becomes increasingly attracted to Anna.


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