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Notes for Updating Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Most Recent Chapter

In conjunction with the launch of Assassin’s Creed (AC) Valhalla: The Last Chapter, patch notes were made available, which provided a comprehensive rundown of all of the new features introduced in the most recent version.

Let’s begin by discussing the dimensions of the patch. It is obvious that the size of the patch varies from one platform to another, with some having a greater range of possibilities than others.

Xbox Series X|S: 15.1 GB
Xbox One: 13 GB
PlayStation ® 5: 1.82 GB
PlayStation ® 4: 1.46 GB
PC: 13.19 GB
That’s over, let’s continue reading AC Valhalla: The Last Chapter Patch Notes.

AC Valhalla Update Notes: The Last Chapter

New free content

The last chapter

The most recent and conclusive update to the AC Valhalla tale resolves any outstanding questions or concerns that the player could have. In this narrative, the players accompany Avor as she makes her final voyage and attempts to make sense of the visions she has received of Odin. During the course of this adventure, she will run across both old friends and foes, which will ultimately result in the completion of the storyline for the game.

The hood is always on

Players now have the option to always hide their identities by donning a hood, just like the killers in the previous games. It is possible for players to keep their hoods on even when engaging in battle if they enable the corresponding option in the combat section of their options menu.

Weekly Free item

The Animus Shop will now provide the player with a complimentary premium item on a weekly basis. This will be reset on Tuesday mornings at 6:00 a.m. Pacific time. With the exception of licenced content, players are free to purchase anything that is sold in the Animus Store.

Festival Awards

Players who participated in one of the four Festivals but did not attend any of them do not need to be concerned anymore. Following the conclusion of the quest “The First Night of Samheim” (located at Glovestreskir Arch), the prizes won at festivals will be made available for purchase in all of England’s merchants. These products can only be purchased with silver coins, as it is the only currency accepted. In addition, as a gesture of gratitude for the unwavering support, additional material, in particular new mounts and crows, will be included.

Stage Update

This will be the final update for the platform before Google Stadia is discontinued, so get it while you can! Players that are using Stadia can continue to enjoy AC Valhalla until the site is shut down permanently on January 18, 2023.
Ubisoft is now working on adapting the Stadia titles that a player already owns for use on a personal computer.
With cross-platform progress, users may take their saves from the Stadia version of the game and move them to the gaming console or PC version.

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