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Jake Paul Offered Paddy Pimblet a Million Dollar Fight, and Pimblet Replied, “Come to Vegas.”

Paddy “Bad” Pimblett, a star of the UFC, has responded to Jake Paul’s $1 million challenge for pre-fight sparring by stating that he is prepared to compete against a “Difficult Child” in the not-too-distant future.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has been engaging in a verbal spat with a number of fighters over the course of the previous few years. Paul has been continually challenging his opponents to fights and other competitions.

As a result of the fact that he sent offers to fight three different fighters in order to temporarily divert his attention away from Tommy Fury, he has partially resumed his focus on mixed martial arts competitors. In point of fact, UFC star Paddy Pimblett found himself in Jake’s crosshairs when a “Difficult Kid” gave him the opportunity to spar with him before his next fight. This came after the “Difficult Kid” asserted that the YouTuber’s fights were “rigged.” Jake then targeted Paddy Pimblett.

Jake made the decision to sweeten the deal a little by providing Pimblett $1 million to make it happen despite the fact that there was a large amount of bragging rights at stake. And Scouser is fascinated, to say the least.

Paddy Pimblet responded to Jake Paul’s Sparring Offer

Pimblett gave an interview to TMZ Sports not long after Jake made a lucrative offer to spar with him and formally expressed his desire in the fight. However, rather than going to Puerto Rico to make it happen, he wanted Jake to fly to Las Vegas instead.

Pimblet said, “Of course, but I have a contract with the UFC, and he said it knowing full well that I will fight next week,” confirming his interest in the fight. “Of course, but he said it knowing full well that I will fight next week.” “Visit PI the following week. I challenge you to a fight the following week at PI if you bring a sack containing one million dollars. Let’s get it done, I’ve already been in Las Vegas since Thursday.

Buddy has confirmed that he will be underweight in the days leading up to the fight; however, he will be able to stay after the fight and be closer to Jake’s weight, which will make the fight more equal.

Pimblett has revealed that he is also prepared to box with Jake, despite the fact that he is not the most natural UFC striker. He continued by saying, “I think he’s a decent boxer now.” I believe he will be able to defeat Tommy Fury, but I am confident that he will not be able to defeat me.

As things currently stand, Jake has not yet given a response to Pimblett’s proposition, so we will have to sit tight and watch to see if it comes to pass. However, this is undoubtedly something that piques the interest of the supporters.

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