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Nicki Minaj is Angry That the Grammys Moved Her Song ‘super Freaky Girl’ to a Different Category

The song “Super Freaky Girl” is moving from the rap category to the pop category as a result of a reclassification being made by the Grammys.

Nicki Minaj, who collaborated on the song, is curious as to why this is the case. And she was musing aloud on Twitter today, adding fuel to the fire on the enigma surrounding the situation.

“I have no problem with being moved out of the RAP category as long as we are ALL being treated FAIRLY. I have no problem with that. If SFG already has 2B transferred out of RAP, then Big Energy already has it too! Minaj made the comment on Twitter, referring to the chart-topping track released by Latto. “ANYONE who says otherwise is either a hater of Nicki Minaj or a troll. I’d genuinely LOVE to see another person break the street record, whether they be male or female! rightIsRight” in the IJS

Nicki Minaj is Angry That the Grammys Moved Her Song 'super Freaky Girl' to a Different Category

Minaj expressed her thoughts over the situation in a series of tweets. Even more impressively, she responded to a person on Twitter who had pointed out that Anaconda had been shortlisted for Rap Song. Wouldn’t you say that the sound of SFG and Anaconda are comparable to one another? So what exactly is different??? #grammys”

Minaj’s response was, “I would LOVE to know.”

She went on to say, “Could you imagine someone instructing you not to “complain” about being treated unfairly at your workplace?” she wrote later. “Could you fathom?” she asked. “I am responsible for this. I work really hard. No different from working a regular 9-to-5 job, where you need to stand up for yourself if you are a good employee but you keep getting in the way of someone else’s goals.

The 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be broadcast live on CBS and the streaming service Paramount+ on Sunday, February 5, 2023, from the Arena in Los Angeles.

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