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Nancy Drew Cast: Ages, Partners, Characters

In March of 2022, Nancy Drew will return for a fourth and final season after receiving a renewal. In July of 2022, the cast of Nancy Drew began filming Season 4, and The CW announced that the series would make its debut in the middle of the season the following year. In the meantime, as we impatiently anticipate the fourth season of our favourite crime drama, we have compiled everything that we know about the cast of Nancy Drew for your convenience. Let’s get started without further ado, shall we?

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Kennedy McMann

Actress Kennedy McMann, who is 26 years old, portrays the titular role of Nancy Drew in the television series. Nancy is a clever former child detective who gained her self-assurance by successfully solving mysteries when she was younger. McMann, an up-and-coming actress, made cameo roles in the television programmes Gone and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit prior to joining the cast of Nancy Drew in 2019. Most recently, in 2022, she became a cast member on Tell Me Lies, which has just been given a second season order after being recently renewed.

In the year 2020, McMann tied the knot with her longtime partner Sam McInerney, whom she had originally met while attending Carnegie Mellon University.

Leah Lewis

Actress, singer, and model Leah Lewis, who is 25 years old, is a member of the cast of Nancy Drew. In the show, she plays the role of George Li-Yun Fan, an adversary of Nancy’s from their days in high school. Lewis first up her career in the entertainment industry as a child actress in 2006, appearing in a number of television series including Madison High, Best Friends Whenever, and Charmed.

Her breakout role as Nancy Drew came in 2019, and the following year, she had starring roles in How to Deter a Robber and The Half of It, both of which were feature films. In 2021, she had her first Oscar nomination. In the year 2022, she became a member of the cast of the animated television series Batwheels and provided her voice for the character of Batgirl. In addition to this, the brilliant actress will be lending her voice to a character in the next animated picture Elemental, which is scheduled to be released on June 16th, 2023.

Maddison Jaizani

Maddison Jaizani, an English actress and model who is 27 years old, plays the role of Bess Turani Marvin in the television series Nancy Drew. Bess is a rich city girl with a mystery past who works with Nancy as a waitress at The Bayside Claw. In 2014, Jaizani made a cameo appearance in an episode of the television series Tyrant, which is a political drama. The following year, in 2015, he joined the cast of Versailles as a key role. The actress was offered a recurring role in Into the Badlands not long after the conclusion of her previous stint in the French series.

A few years ago, Jaizani was romantically linked with Luke Pasqualino, who is most known for his role on Skins. There is, however, no information that can definitively state whether or not the couple is still together.

Alex Saxon

Alex Saxon is an actor who is 35 years old and who plays the role of Ace, the dishwasher and cook at The Bayside Claw. Saxon is a part of the Nancy Drew cast. Saxon has been on multiple episodes of the television series The Fosters and Finding Carter in recurrent roles. In 2019, he appeared as a main cast member in the television series The Fix. Compound Fracture and Coin Heist are two of the feature films in which the actor has made an appearance.

Scott Wolf

In the television series Nancy Drew, the character of Carson Drew, Nancy’s widower father, is played by Scott Wolf, an actor who is currently 54 years old. Factoid: Wolf took over the part from Freddie Prinze Jr., who played the character in the pilot episode of the show but was never broadcast. Since he began his acting career in 1990, the actor has had roles in a great number of movies and television series. He is most well-known for his parts in the television shows V, Party of Five, and Everwood. Go, Such Good People, and Emmett’s Mark are just a few of the movies in which the actor has had starring roles.

Katie Findlay

Katie Findlay, a Canadian actress who is 32 years old, played the role of Lisbeth in the first and second seasons of Nancy Drew. Lisbeth is a woman who works for the Hudson family and is romantically interested in Bess. She is a member of the state police force, but nobody knows about it.

Findlay rose to prominence thanks to her recurrent part in the television series The Killing. After that, she went on to star in leading parts in a number of television shows, including How to Get Away with Murder, The Carrie Diaries, and Man Seeking Woman. In 2022, she became a member of the cast of the prequel television series Walker: Independence, which was a spin-off of the original television series Walker.

Riley Smith

In the television series Nancy Drew, the character of Ryan Hudson, the husband of murder victim Tiffany Hudson, is played by actor Riley Smith, who is 44 years old. The audience recognises the actor most readily for the roles he has played in a variety of television programmes, ranging from Frequency to Proven Innocent, and from 90210 to Nashville. On the other hand, he has also been in a number of movies for the big screen, including Shirin in Love, New York Minute, and Not Another Teen Movie.

Lucy Hale was Smith’s ex-girlfriend at one point. At this point in time, he is married to Ashli Robson, and the two of them have a daughter together. On Smith’s Instagram account, you may get a taste of what daily life is like for the family.

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