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What Happened to Call Me Carson? Why Did He Decide to Take a Break?

What Happened to Call Me Carson? CallMeCarson, whose real name is Carson King, is being heavily debated on social media after expressing his intention to return to streaming publicly. While some of his admirers appear pleased to have him return, the majority do not share this sentiment. So, what transpired with CallMeCarson, and why do some Twitter users not desire his return?

Who is Call Me Carson?

CallMeCarson, whose birth name is Carson King and who was born on May 10, 1999, is a popular YouTuber, web commentator, and social media celebrity. Their primary content consists of humorous Discord videos and Minecraft games.

The name of his first YouTube channel was TheBlewCrewPros. The channel has over 350 million views and around 3.2 million subscribers. He has about 1.3 million followers on Twitter and over 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

What Happened to Call Me Carson?

After becoming entangled in a dispute in March 2020, Carson claimed he would be taking an “indefinite” vacation. He was accused of sending indecent messages to a 17-year-old minor girl. He was 19 years old at the time.

Carson’s former Lunch Club members stated, shortly after the claims were made public, that the YouTuber had admitted to texting minor girls.

Following the incident, the YouTuber avoided any social interactions. In May 2021, he posted an “accidental tweet” that he immediately deleted. The deleted tweet “hmmm” was a response to an article regarding the polling numbers of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

What Happened to Call Me Carson

In June 2021, he returned to Twitter to post the following message: “Give me a little more time.” He vanished once more shortly thereafter.

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Why Did Call Me Carson Decide to Take a Break?

I am taking an indefinite hiatus. This was a difficult decision to make, but after weighing recent personal circumstances and my own mental health, I’ve decided to take a break. Going to concentrate on improving myself as a person.

Twitter is Divided Over Streamer’s Video

Carson’s announcement via YouTube video has elicited a variety of responses, with Twitter users divided on his return. While many continue to advocate for his cancellation, others have argued that the YouTuber deserves a second opportunity.

One supporter tweeted, “I will say it once and never again.” Call Me Carson did wrong, but the whole public should never have been involved. If the victims accept his private apologies, it will be the end of the matter. The conclusion. Since we were not the victims in this situation, he owes no apologies to the unaffected public.

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In addition, another person wrote, “Yes, I favour the name Call Me Carson. If you disagree with his assessment, you may block me.”

An opposing user added, “However, if you choose to support Call Me Carson, feel free to block me.” As a human and content provider, he has failed, thus I am not pleased to see him back. Donate to the charity Games For Love in your own name, and don’t let him use a publicity stunt to promote himself.”

What Did Carson Say In His Youtube Video?

Carson begins the video titled “Moving Forward” by remarking, “It’s been a while.” He says, “This is not going to be your typical YouTuber apology video, and I won’t make it excessively long.”

He adds that he has learned much over the past year, but he is not seeking pardon for his problematic behaviour. And, when discussing the “event,” the YouTuber informs his audience that he has no plans to “reveal the facts of the matter.”


Carson’s goals for the upcoming year include donating 100 percent of his revenues to charities, with an emphasis on a different charity each month.

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He further said that his ideas for charity are not an attempt to “brush problems under the rug,” but rather a way to transform a poor circumstance into something that can help a large number of people.

After announcing that he will be streaming live on Twitch on September 1, Carson stated that he “would not comment on the situation’s specifics.”


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