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More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Release Date: Here’s When It Will Air

More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Release Date: We haven’t seen Akari in a few months, and Jior just said goodbye to the fans. But now fans want to see more of this funny pair. No one expected the first season to do as well as it did, which was a surprise. Now, people want Season 2 of “More Than a Married Couple” more than ever.

When a show has a big finish, it often means that the next season could be better. So, how likely is it that there will be a new season? Here’s a breakdown that should answer all your questions.

This romance comedy manga is better known as Fufu Ijo Koibito Miman. It is one of the best-known banners of the last few years. In March 2018, the first part was put on the table.

So far, there have been ten chapters of the manga. In October 2022, Studio Mother’s cartoon hit the shelves. Except for the heavy finish, the show was a success as a whole. So, fans are still waiting for the next season.

More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Renewal or Canceled

The premiere of the first season on October 9, 2022, was a big deal for both the people who made it and the people who watched it. A lot of people who read this love comedy manga couldn’t wait for the anime version. When it came out, the show was a big hit right away.

This started the first season, which will have 12 shows and end on December 25, 2022. After that, there was complete silence from the makers. Most fans expect the show to come back within the first week after it ends.

More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Release Date

All things considered, the new season has not been renewed. On the other hand, Season 2 of More Than a Married Couple has not been canceled. So, it’s likely that the contract will be renewed in a few weeks. Here is the proof that the case is right.

Is There Going to be a New Season?

Everyone knew that More Than a Married Couple would be a hit when it aired in the fall of 2022. After a few episodes, it became clear that the show would be getting a new season. This isn’t a joke, as a number of charts would show that fans love the content.

Now that the season is over, the general story has a score of 7.4 stars on IMDb, out of a possible 10. And because of this, a lot of the shows were also ranked in the weekly polls.

Also, MyAnimeList thinks the show will get 7.59 stars on MAL. More than 117k people are talking about the show and learning about its story right now.

The new season is a good time for any creative company to pay attention to these numbers. So, fans can be sure that Studio Mother will bring the next season to the floor sooner than they expect.

More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Production Updates

Studio Mother is a relatively small business, so no one thought their new show would be such a big hit. The company used to be a part of Bandai Namco Filmworks for a short time. It opened for business in 2019, and its first movie came out in 2022.

So far, the company has only put out three shows and one movie. As of May 2021, only 35 employees were on the public list of the company. With so few people, the company can only finish one or two jobs a year.

More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Release Date

As for its plans for the future, the slates for 2023 and 2024 already show “As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, and I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World.” So, the given show will not have a new season this year.

But when this show airs, there will be time for the new show to get information on how it is made. Season 2 of “More Than a Married Couple” will soon start filming.

What’s Going on?

Even though there hasn’t been much time since the last story ended, here’s a quick summary of what it’s about. So, the first episode of the first season takes place in a high school. Here, we meet Jiro Yakuin and Akari Watanabe, two regular students.

The school has a program to help people get ready for marriage. As part of this program, the students are asked to live together as pairs and couples. But Akari and Jiro soon realize that they can’t be comfortable with each other.

Because of this, they want to find enough points to move away from each other. The story is told by the back and forth of the whole season. But as the season goes on, we see that they are similar enough and understand each other well enough that they can find a love that isn’t dead.

By the end of the season, everyone had moved on to a different place. By the end of the season, Jiro and Akari were supposed to fall in love.

But that didn’t happen, and they still live together. With this ending, we can hope that Season 2 of More Than a Married Couple will follow the same storyline. Now, the new season looks like it will take an interesting turn.

Jiro is the one who is falling for his buddy for sure. But getting her to fall in love is a fun challenge that will take up most of the time and room in the next season.

More Than A Married Couple Season 2 Release Date

Even the fans know that there will be some time before the new season comes out. In the past year, no seasons have come out. Because of this, Fufu Ijo Koibito Miman will not be able to have any children in 2023. The production should start by the end of this year.

And the Fall 2024 schedule has every chance of starting a new season. But the whole story will only be told if the producers repeat the season in this time frame. The dub version of More Than A Married Couple Season 2 will return to Crunchyroll.

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