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Love is Blind Season 3: Who is the Happiest Married Couple?

Love is Blind Season 3: Is true love blind? The Netflix reality program Love is Blind, hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, has been proving this theory by challenging contestants to fall in love without seeing one another.

The series has been a tremendous success for Netflix, spawning not only multiple seasons but also several regional spin-offs.

A few months after the release of Season 3, participants who got married or split up after the finale was able to give viewers an update on their romantic affairs after the finale was made available on the streaming service.

Following in the footsteps of the previous two seasons, Love is Blind Season 3: After the Altar is a three-episode continuation of the latest season’s highs and lows, as well as any new drama that occurred after the cameras ceased rolling.

Given that you may require a refresher on the Love is Blind Season 3 couples, here is a list of all the couples that will return for the After the Altar special.

Love is Blind Season 3 Cast

Jennifer and Bartise

Nancy is an early-30s real estate investor and Bartise is a mid-20s senior analyst. Despite their age difference, they fell in love and became engaged in the pods.

This couple’s relationship initially appeared to be all fun and games, until Bartise met Raven on their honeymoon and concluded that they were more physically compatible. After that, things did not improve for Nancy and Bartise, particularly on their wedding day.

In response to Bartise’s refusal at the altar, Nancy’s family did not take the news well. Despite the fact that they had an opportunity to speak privately, Nancy was very candid about feeling blindsided by his decision. This indicates that their relationship has not been rekindled during these three episodes of After the Altar.

Both Zanab and Cole

Zanab is in her early 30s and a realtor, while Cole is in his late 20s and a realtor. Similar to Nancy and Bartise, Zanab and Cole shared a strong emotional bond in the cells that did not survive their physical attraction. Similar to how Bartise approached Raven to state that she was more his type if they had met outside of the experiment, Cole believed that he would most likely approach Colleen at the bar.

love is blind season 3 cast

This and other comments did not sit well with Zanab, and the couple’s time on the program was marked by numerous ups and downs. Zanab did not hesitate to tell Cole that she did not want to marry him and that she felt thoroughly disrespected by him while they were together.

She specifically stated that he “had destroyed my self-confidence single-handedly.” In the After the Altar episodes, the participant revealed that she has been receiving therapy since the experiment and that she is presently in the happiest and healthiest state of her life. After seeing Zanab at the reunion, Cole felt similarly prepared to move on and pursue a new relationship.

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Alexa and Brennon

Alexa is in her late 20s and owns an insurance agency, while Brennon is in his early 30s and works as a water treatment engineer. During the experiment, the two formed an instant connection due to their shared Israeli backgrounds and objectives.

The couple departed the pods together and had one of the season’s most stable relationships. When the time came to determine whether they would marry or part ways, they chose to become Mr and Mrs Lemieux. Alexa and Brennon revealed at the reunion that they are still together and have found a method to manage their wardrobes.

This is a reference to Alexa’s statement on the program that she never wears the same outfit twice. Brennon joked that Netflix will need to provide the couple with a “golden baby bottle” after the couple revealed their intention to have children shortly. In the After the Altar special, Alexa’s birthday permits the reunion of all the participants.

Colleen and Matt

Colleen, in her late 20s, is a ballet performer, and Matt, also in his late 20s, is a private charter sales executive. After being rejected by two competitors, Colleen decided to take a risk and get to know Matt better.

They were able to experience their relationship outside of the chambers after becoming engaged. Unlike Alexa and Brennon, this couple’s relationship did not begin harmoniously.

After the contestants met their other companions from the pods in person, Cole and Colleen had a flirtatious conversation at the pool, which caused a great deal of conflict between her and Matt.

love is blind season 3 cast

This encounter left the couple feeling thoroughly betrayed, and they almost called it quits. However, they decided to give their relationship another shot, and by the end of the season, they were married.

According to the reunion, the couple is still living together but in distinct apartments. In the After the Altar special, viewers will see some of the obstacles they’ve encountered in their search for a place to call home.

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Sikiru ‘SK’ and Raven

Sikiru, also known as SK, is a data engineer in his early 30s, while Raven, in her late 20s, is a Pilates instructor. Despite their initial attraction to one another, Raven and Bartise agreed that they were not destined to be during their time in the pods.

Consequently, she became closer to SK, and the two became engaged shortly thereafter. After meeting in person, the couple determined that their physical connection was not yet there.

In order to feel more at ease with each other in the “real world,” they were compelled to utilize the strong emotional connection they had developed in the containers.

Due to the numerous obstacles they encountered throughout the season, including cultural differences, Raven ultimately received a “no” at the altar.

Despite not getting married by the conclusion of the experiment, SK and Raven reported at the reunion that their relationship was still going strong. In After the Altar, their relationship strengthens for a time, but their story does not end well.




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