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1923 Cast: Ages, Relationships, and Characters!

Are you ready to learn more about the people who played in 1923, the most talked-about western show in recent years? We’re all set!

1923 shows what the Dutton family was going through a generation ago in the current Yellowstone universe. In 1923, Jacob and his wife, Cara Dutton, ran a farm.

They had problems, but not just on the farm. Droughts, diseases, and the effects of political events like the Great Depression, which were some of the most important problems of the time, were also things that made their lives hard.

Many people have already rated 1923, which came out on December 18, 2022. It has an 8.4 rating on IMDb. At the time we wrote this article, there was only one episode, but on January 1, 2023, there will be a new episode every week that will tell the story. Taylor Sheridan, who made the universe of Yellowstone, is also the person who made 1923.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford plays the role of Jacob Dutton. He is the first person on our 1923 cast list.

Harrison Ford’s mother worked in radio, and his father was also an actor. He won a Golden Globe Award. Even though his mother was Jewish and his father was Christian, he was never forced to follow one religion.

He took drama classes at Ripon College while he was there, but his only goal was to meet girls. He was also in a band called the Brothers Gross, but he had to leave the city before college was over because he had to move.

When he moved to Los Angeles in 1964, he started doing small parts for Columbia Pictures. Even though he was the main character in 1966, he didn’t make much money.

He tried acting for a few more years, but it didn’t work out. So, he became a carpenter. In 1973, he came back to the movies. Star Wars, K-19: The Widowmaker, Random Hearts, and Air Force One are some of his most well-known works.

Harrison Ford, who is from the U.S., is 80 years old. In 2010, he married his coworker Calista Flockhart for the third time. They seem to be happy together.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren plays Cara Dutton, the second person on our 1923 cast list.

Helen Mirren has had a long and successful acting career, and she is one of the few people to have all the Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG awards at the same time.


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Even though he wanted to be an actor since he was young, his family didn’t put him in a class that would help him get there. She tried out for the National Youth Theater when she was 18 and got in.

In her early years, she played many roles on stage, and in 1966, she made her big-screen debut. The Good Liar, Fast and Furious, Glee, and Door to Door are some of her most well-known works.

Helen Mirren, who is British, is 77 years old. Since 1997, she has been married to the well-known film director Taylor Hackford.

James Badge Dale

In the 1923 cast, James Badge Dale plays the role of John Dutton Sr.

James Badge Dale was born into the business. His father is an actor and dancer, and his mother is an actor and singer. At age 10, she got a call and was chosen to try out for a movie.

During his career, which he started when he was young, he never went to acting school and just did what came naturally to him. He has worked on movies and TV shows like Safety, Into the Ashes, NoNAMES, and CSI: NY.

James Badge Dale, an American actor who looks good, is 44 years old. He’s married to his longtime coworker Emily Wickersham, and they have one child together.

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Michelle Randolph

In the 1923 cast, Michelle Randolph plays the role of Elizabeth Strafford.

Michelle Randolph stands out because she is a model instead of an actress, but both of her parents were actors. Her sister is also a model like her.

Michelle has worked with well-known brands like Forever 21, Year of Ours, and Stitch Fix for a long time through Lane Management Agency. Since 2017, she has been in plays. House of the Witch, A Snow White Christmas, and The Resort are some of the movies she’s been in.

Michelle Randolph is 25 years old and is a beautiful American. No one is known to be with her.

Darren Mann

In the 1923 cast, Darren Mann plays Jack Dutton. Darren Mann began acting when he was only 8 years old. His mother, who was also an actor and director, was the one who got him interested in acting.

But he fell in love with hockey when he was in high school. Soon after, he quit acting to play hockey professionally and never looked back.


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He got hurt when he got hit hard in a few games, but he went back to acting after a few years. The movies Hello Destroyer, Giant Little Ones, Embattled, and The Minute You Wake Up Dead all have his name on them.

The Canadian actor who looks good is 33 years old. He is not known to have a partner.

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