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Kanye West and Balenciaga Part Ways.

Balenciaga, a fashion brand, is the most recent entity to sever its relations with Ye, the rapper who was formerly known as Kanye West.

Friday, the parent company of Balenciaga, Kering, acknowledged to Women’s Wear Daily that it “had no longer any contact” with the artist and “has no intentions for future initiatives” related to the artist. It did not elaborate on the factors that led to the dissolution of the relationship. On the other hand, it’s possible that Ye’s recent comments, which have received a lot of backlash for being antisemitic, were the impetus behind the change.

Ye most recently began the show for Balenciaga during Paris Fashion Week while wearing an outfit that resembled battle armour. The show took place along a mud runway. Since then, pictures of Ye have been taken down from Balenciaga’s website.

During the time that Balenciaga was working with the clothes store Gap, the designer label Yeezy was created by the rapper Kanye West. It is important to note that Ye was the one who publicly terminated his contract with Gap in September, stating that the retailer wasn’t living up to its half of the arrangement. In June of the previous year, the merchant sold Yeezy’s blue puffer jacket in a couple of hours. However, during the second half of the year, it did not sell any further products by Yeezy, which Ye alleged was a violation of its contract.

According to a letter, Ye was given until November 21 by JPMorgan Chase, which was about the same time, to switch financial institutions. The legitimacy of the document as well as the date, which was the 20th of September, were able to be verified by The Washington Examiner. This date is significantly earlier than Ye’s most recent controversy. JPMorgan Chase did not offer a statement to the Washington Examiner regarding the reason why the relationship was severed; however, the bank did state that the decision was made following a “recent discussion” with the artist.

As Ye shifts his attention away from the fashion business, he has been looking for opportunities to invest in the media. Just last week, it was reported that Ye would be purchasing the social media platform Parler.

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